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A lot of college students do not study conceptually. Instead, they tend to memorize things that do not require memorization. On the bad side, they ignore the underlying principles and fail to understand their essence.


This is the reason why few students are not able to deal with technical problems in their exams. After all, too much memorization kills creativity. As long as the memorization content is minimum, it is fine. This is because memorization is sometimes necessary. For instance, students do have to learn some definitions and laws as they are stated. However, as far as the conceptual content go, memorization never really helps. Those students who do not study conceptually are not able to write the best dissertations for their assignments. Such students fail to adopt a logical approach of making a conclusion in their dissertations due to a lack of understanding. Hence, their written work does not really carry a lot of value. This brings them a poor assignments grade. So there is no doubt left that in order to get better grades, students must study conceptually.


This is also something that professors tend to put a lot of emphasis on. After all, concepts are what count as the real knowledge.

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By Colin Morrissey
Added Apr 21


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