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Eve Dental Centre

Cosmetic dentistry usually focuses on boosting the appearance of a person's teeth, mouth, and smile. Also, it provides restorative benefits.

For many people, dental health is very important. And so, as much as possible, they avoid certain practices that may affect the healthy and appearance of their teeth. They resort to different dental solutions such as teeth whitening, veneers, fillings and implants. Know more about these dental solutions below.

Dental Implants. These are artificial root replacements which are used as a part of prosthetic dentistry so as to compensate for lost tooth or teeth. The result of such treatment is an enhanced smile and a more youthful appearance.

Teeth Whitening. This is one of the most popular dental solutions and perhaps the most recommended one. Due to smoking, poor oral hygiene, and some foods and drinks, your teeth may be stained. Thus, to enhance the appearance of your smile, consider undergoing teeth whitening procedure.

And of course, because Invisalign is virtually invisible, people will not be able to tell that a patient is undergoing teeth alignment procedures. A patient can stay confident because his or her appearance isn't altered by the aligners.

A good cosmetic dentist can be the best person to help you attain that bright, perfect smile that you've admired in other people for so long. With modern technology and top-notch service, dental experts have you covered.

In the world of dentistry, there are quite a lot of development and advancements already. We are no longer in the age when burnt bread is used to clean our teeth. We now have a lot of new products that are effective in cleaning and maintaining the health of our teeth. We are now using commercial products such toothpaste, toothbrush, floss and mouth wash. However, when it comes to dental problems such as crooked teeth, overbite teeth and tooth loss, we need to visit out dentist.

The latest dental news according to dental experts and researchers is the evolution of tooth replacement technique. Before, dentists only recommend dentures, implants and bridges to their patients. But now, a new development has taken place. It is called the biological tooth replacement.

This new technique of teeth replacement was introduced by Professor Paul Sharpe who conducted research about bioengineering teeth. He uses a combination of human tissues and tissue of a mouse to develop and grow more to form a new tooth. Though this development is still under continuous process, researchers are positive that in no time, they will soon learn how to culture the growing of teeth and transplant them to dental patients.

Eve Dental Centre

Having chipped, worn, stained or missing one or more teeth can have a significant effect on a person's personality, confidence and thus general happiness. Luckily, advancement in cosmetic dentistry has ensured that nobody will now embarrass to be around other people because of the dental imbalances.

There are a number of adults who have lost their single or multiple teeth to extensive cavities, periodontal (gum) disease or traumatic injuries. The dental defects not only spoil a person's facial appearance but also take toll on his/her quality of life.

People missing tooth or even several teeth often experience eating or chewing difficulties and speech problems.

If left untreated, missing teeth can cause serious complications. A missing tooth can cause bone loss in the jaw and the teeth adjacent to the gap will also be lost or may shift to wrong direction.

This may further lead to bite problems, cavities and gum disease. Therefore, it is important to seek treatment options for tooth replacement as soon as possible.

The three most common dental solutions available to replace one or more missing teeth are: a bridge, a denture, or an implant.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a false tooth (pontic) which is used to replace one or more missing teeth by being anchored onto the surrounding teeth.

Also called fixed dental prosthesis, a dental bridge is made up of at least two crowns placed on the adjacent healthy teeth which serve as a stable foundation for the bridge to hold the restoration carefully in place.

The procedure involves the dentist grinding down the adjacent teeth so that your new crown will fit neatly over them. The dentist then takes a mold (impression) of your teeth, using specialized dental putty.

This mold is then given to lab technicians to design and manufacture the bridge out of porcelain, gold, alloys or a combination of these materials.

A temporary bridge is fitted in to protect the exposed gums and teeth in the meantime. In your second dental visit, the temporary bridge is removed and the custom-made, new bridge is put in, checked for its fit and bite, and, if needed, adjusted accordingly. The bridge is then permanently fixed using special dental cement.


Denture is another option for teeth that go missing. Dentures are removable prosthesis for your teeth, designed to look and function like natural teeth.

Generally fabricated from acrylic resins, a complete denture is used to cover your entire upper or lower jaw. In cases where one or a few teeth are lost, partial denture is used.

For the dentures, your dentist will take an impression of your mouth in special dental putty. Using this model of your jaw, denture is constructed to replace your missing teeth. Complete dentures have an acrylic gum-colored base and rest directly on the gums.

The upper dentures fit neatly into the entire palate and the lower dentures have a horseshoe shape to make your tongue accommodate properly. Partial denture consists of replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored metal framework that holds the denture in place in the mouth.

Dental Implants

The final main option is dental implants. This tooth replacement option has recently gained increasing acceptance in the field of dentistry and has become a preferred dental treatment over the conventional dentures or bridgework as these prosthetic teeth are implanted by using the state-of-the-art technology and function much better than their counterparts.

The procedure involves placing titanium rod (artificial tooth root) into the jawbone that provides a strong foundation for permanent or removable false teeth that look, feel and function like your natural teeth and be virtually indistinguishable.

A restorative and cosmetic dentistry innovation, dental implants may be the best gift that a toothless person can expect to receive from his dentist.

Eve Dental Centre

Dental ailments are on the rise which is why the need for good quality dental solutions is highly urgent. So, it is important to visit a dentist at least twice or thrice a year. So many ailments go unnoticed due to ignorance, bad brushing habits, smoking, lack of information about oral hygiene and so on.

Dental Solutions for Varied Conditions 

Dentists offer a variety of solutions to help patients cope with dental ailments like gum diseases, discoloration of teeth, fillings, dental implants and even crowns or bridges to repair broken teeth.

The following conditions are also treated by certified dentists:

Gum ailments can lead to badly decayed, worn out and stained (yellow-brown) teeth. For all age groups, this condition can be solved by an experienced dentist. For teenagers and adolescents, it is vital to get timely treatment or else it will affect their self esteem. Keep in mind that restoring the teeth back into proper shape and alignment requires expertise.

Whitening treatments like bleaching and veneers add a sparkle to one's smile. Celebrities, youths and professionals are often embarrassed by discolored teeth. So, they opt for whitening treatments.

For aesthetic results, it is highly important to have tooth colored fillings to treat decayed anterior teeth. Metallic fillings are mostly used for posterior teeth. These are considered to be more durable and stronger than tooth colored restorations.

Crowns and bridges are also commonly used to replace missing teeth or broken teeth. These are usually prepared from high quality materials like ceramic or porcelain, sometimes used alone, or fused with precious metals like gold. These add strength and integrity to the restoration.

Advanced Dental Solutions 

The following are some advanced dental solutions in the field of dentistry:

Invisalign or invisible braces provide an aesthetic replacement to metallic braces.

Dental implants are the newest options to replace missing teeth. These last longer and are a healthier (biocompatible) alternative to conventional crowns and bridges.

Non-invasive procedures like EMG, TMJ sonography and magnetic jaw tracking are used to detect the diseases of the jaw joint. It is also used to relive associated complaints like radiating pain around the ear and forehead.

Digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras and lasers are time-efficient machines which help to speed up various dental procedures.

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Just Pay Rs.1/day  Promote Your Business Ads Here!   Hurry Up "FEB" Offer   For Advertisement Call +91 8939007002