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Osteoarthritis affects not only the elderly - although the likelihood that the cartilage of the joints are affected, with advancing age increases. In addition to hereditary predisposition, however, there are also factors such as unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet, which have made arthrosis a national disease. As before, arthritis can not be healed - even a complete change of the diet can not restore the damaged cartilage tissue, but the diet for arthritis plays an important role.
Osteoarthritis: Overweight is a risk factor
Who is overweight, runs the risk of developing osteoarthritis. Because overweight is a burden on the joints and the joint wear is thus even more advanced. Even the osteoarthritis symptoms of the non-bearing joints are reduced by weight reduction.

In addition, experts suggest a link between fat reduction and the reduction of inflammatory agents released in the body. Such inflammatory agents are leptin, resistin and adiponectin; They are formed in fetal cells. Fewer body fat thus also causes less inflammation in the joints leading to arthrosis.

Healthy weight loss through balanced nutrition and appropriate sports (in arthritis, in any case, so that the joints do not fully stiffen) is a first step in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Through healthy diet relieve arthritis
Although there is no diet that can completely eliminate the discomfort of an osteoarthritis. But the diet has a positive effect on the course of osteoarthritis and can even prevent further development.

Particularly recommended foods are:
brown rice
Skimmed milk products
Cold water fish such as squid, trout, cod, hemp or oysters

Recommended foods for osteoarthritis
Millet is said to contribute to the regeneration of the cartilage mass. In addition, you should only use cold-pressed oils such as olive oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, safflower oil or rapeseed oil .
For deacidification, basic herbal teas or tea mixtures of fennel, licorice, caraway, aniseed or maize beard are suitable. Alternatively, pharmacies sell ready-made powder from different manufacturers. An anti-inflammatory effect has green tea , which can thus relieve arthrosis pain.

This effect is enhanced by the addition of lemon.
Since free radicals are also suspected of being involved in the inflammatory processes of arthrosis, a vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C-containing diet is recommended. Selenium and copper must also be included. Check Lemon Juice Diet Plan.

Spices and herbs for osteoarthritis
A herb has grown against every suffering! Those who suffer from osteoarthritis are primarily responsible for the pain in the joints caused by the inflammation. Nature, however, provides many plants which have anti-inflammatory effects. Your salad can be refined with a variety of herbal mixes of turmeric, parsley, fennel, dill, aniseed, cumin, mint, chervil, oregano, rosemary, thyme , coriander, marjoram and ginger . Also chili and cinnamon belong in the spice rack of an arthrosis patient.
Do you like cocoa? Then add milk (better still: water) and cocoa powder once to add honey, turmeric, chilli powder, black pepper and cinnamon. Similarly, a varied herbal yoghurt can be conjured from the morning breakfast yogurt. Also the Omega-3-containing fish dishes, consisting of mackerel or sardines, which should be consumed twice a week in arthrosis, can be beautifully refined with the above herbs and spices.

Arthritis: Avoid certain foods
If you want to achieve a long-term improvement of your arthritis symptoms, you should permanently change your diet. Only those who follow the Arthrosia Nutrition Tips described above will be successful. In addition, some foodstuffs must also be dispensed with. This includes animal fat - especially pig is taboo, but also beef should only be enjoyed in moderation.

Also moderately to consume are sausage, sweets and sugar, asparagus, nuts strawberries, red pepper and tomatoes. Also avoid fat fish, as well as cream, margarine, butter and egg yolk. Saturated and hardened fats are also on the red list like coffee , alcohol and black tea. Also citrus fruits should not be consumed in excess.

Who sins from time to time, because the temptation of the chocolate cake, the pork knuckle or the summer strawberries with cream was too big should pay attention to a balancing amount of base-containing food or drink one liter of base tea to protect against hyper-acidity.