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purvi sraw

Egmore in Chennai is a lively area known for its Railway Station. It witnesses a huge flow of crowd on daily basis. Apart from these, there is a Government Museum, which is a house to various ancient artefacts. Egmore consists of residential areas as well as a commercial hub. This place is easily accessible from all the places of interests. Most of the visitor folks to Egmore and look for a convenient place to stay. There are a number of good hotels near Egmore, Chennai and you can book them at redbus for a hassle-free experience. The online hotel-booking platform holds a wide range of various types of accommodations starting from economy to luxury stays. The user-friendly procedure of booking hotel rooms helps to save time. This also helps you to read guest reviews, get discounts and browse other requirements. It is advisable to select your ideal hotel room in advance, just to keep yourself away from unwanted complications.

All the hotels are spread across various parts of Egmore, depending on their service offerings, prices and accessibility from other places. The demand of hotels near Egmore, Chennai is never less, due to its range of attractions lined up across the city. Business as well as leisure travellers visiting this city shall never be deprived of a proper and clean accommodation. Here is a compilation of hotels in Egmore, Chennai, which are close to railway station, bus stop or near to market areas. It will probably help a traveller having plans to visit the place and decide a well-suited stay here.

       1. Hotel Chandra Park: This hotel is located just opposite to Egmore railway station. They offer budget rooms with clean bed and bath facility. There is an in-house restaurant in the hotel, where you can relish your taste buds. This hotel is an ideal stay for business and leisure travellers. 

  1. Hotel Rivera: The hotel isstrategically situated in the heart of Chennai, on the Poonamalle High Road. Hotel Rivera is close to Mount Road, the commercial and shopping center of the city, as well as just 2 kms from central, 1 km from Egmore Railway Station and 18 kms away from the Chennai Airport. All the guests can experience luxury and have a pleasurable stay here!

  1. Hotel Chennai Gate: This hotel property is ideally located in front of the Egmore - Railway Station, which is 2 KM away from Central Railway Station and 16 KM from International / Domestic airports. The hotel provides comfort in fully furnished rooms.

  1. Hotel Pandian: The hotel offers genuine hospitality, nice quality of food and other basic amenities. The railway station, bus stand and the airport all are in proximity from the hotel. Guests can easily access all of these in a hassle-free way.

purvi sraw Yesterday, 23:45 · Tags: journey, tour, travelindia
purvi sraw

Kharadi is a suburb on the east of Pune city perfectly poised on the banks of Mula-Mutha River. There is a place called Chandan Nagar that holds a number of hotels and those can be booked online at redbus hotels at affordable prices. This platform helps to get ideal accommodation of all types. All the listed stays come with hotel reviews, images and details of their location. Besides, you can read all of these and get discounts while booking your ideal hotel room in Chandan Nagar. All hotels near Kharadi, Pune comes with basic amenities. Simply browse a list of online hotels here and book your ideal hotel in Kharadi within your budget. Booking a prior hotel room always keeps you tension-free and help to pick up a comfortable stay without straining your pocket. Do not forget to carry your booking confirmation copy on the day of travel. 

Booking online hotels come with discounts, guest reviews and description of all service offerings and many more. There are a good number of hotels spread all across Kharadi, they all offer separate location and accessibility depending on their pricing and demand. Visitors coming from different places prefer disparate categories of budget stays such as accommodations near railway station, near main city and stays by the seaside. There is a wide choice of hotels near Chandan Nagar, Pune for business as well as commercial travellers within the range of luxury to budget accommodation. 

Here is a list of hotels in Chandan Nagar, Pune that shall help you select the best stay option while making travel plans. These budget stays can be booked online in advance and they come with all efficient services. 

1. FabHotel Icon Bliss Kharadi: The hotel offers a convenient location where guests can access all public places. In addition, it comes with clean bed and bath. There is a multi-cuisine restaurants comprising of variety of cuisine.

2. VALENCIA HOSPITALITY: This is an ideal budget stay option for travellers looking to get a glimpse of the city life in Pune.

3. Cosmos Luxury: The hotels property comes in a good location offering ample amount of accessibility to all major locations for the guests.

4. Bird Of Paradise: All guests can experience opulent luxury all without burning a hole in the pocket. Easily reachable from all city locations like city centre and other places.

purvi sraw Yesterday, 23:39 · Tags: journey, tour, travelindia
ozzal roy

Bangalore, viewed as one of the significantly developed cities in India. People staying in Bangalore and working in colossal organisations, overall search for a comfy mode of travel whilst arising with plans of taking a trip to Mysore. Therefore, the city is well-networked roadways, railways and airways fulfilling sudden travel specifications of men and women. Commuters looking for a quick escape from Bangalore to Mysore, usually choose to take up a bus journey. As the fact is justified, buses take lesser time to cover the road distance of 146kms. Besides, Buses are cost effective and easy to access at any time of the day.

Mysore is referred to as the city of palaces and has one of the richest cultural heritages and monuments in the whole of the country. The rich heritage, royal architecture is what makes it one of the most visited places by tourists all throughout the year. It is centre of manufacturing for one of the most versatile items like silk sarees and sandalwood. You will get to buy them at affordable prices. This beautiful place is located at the foot of the Chamundi Hills. Though development has been slow in Mysore it is still the third most populated city in the state of Karnataka. Make sure to visit the royal palace which is the home of the royal family of Mysore. It was constructed in the year 1912. Mysore does have its own airport but it is not yet fully functional making roadways one of the best options to reach this magnificent place. The food of Mysore has deep influences from Udipi cuisine. Make sure to try out Mysore Pak which is the most famous sweet here amongst the locals. The best time to visit Mysore is between the months of October to March.

People keep traversing from Bangalore to Mysore and vice-versa, as both the cities are filled with a plethora of things. There are numerous people from all over the country who comes and stay for various reasons in Bangalore; they wish to travel to Mysore for many purposes. Therefore, buses create a huge convenience for many, as there is no need to plan a travel. I booked online tickets from redbus and all my worries just flew away. This platform helped me to buy bus tickets at affordable rates and ensured a hassle-free bus ride. The booking procedure was quite simple and offered a list of operators to choose. After all, they catered a pleasant experience!

I boarded the bus from Majestic pick up location at 7am and reached Mysore Fountain circle at around 10am. It took almost 3 hours to complete the bus journey. I opted for a Volvo Ac seater bus, it was super comfortable and the time passed away quickly. The bus coach came with equipped phone charging points and the bus staff provided water bottles to all passengers. Some of the buses come with video coaches too! The bus shall pass through various scenic locations, varied territories and vibrant landscapes.

sabina roy

Shirdi is a small village located near Sai Baba Samadhi mandir beckoning

 devotees all across the year. Ramkund, located practically Shirdi, is

 committed to Lard Ram and is a noted traveller appeal too. The ringing of

 temple bells, holy prayer chants, the sight of lightened lamps and devotees

 praying takes all people all of your concerns out, erases your confusion, an

d transfers you to a world of everlasting alleviation and bliss. Shirdi is an

 acclaimed pilgrimage in Maharashtra, India, the place the shrine of Sri Sai

 Baba is likely one of the most famous among the entire Shirdi sights.

 Individuals/devotees from quite a lot of regions of India and overseas unite 

here to offer prayers to holy Sai Ram. 

Shirdi is good connected with the aid of bus transportation from cities like

 Pune, Hyderabad, Indore, Mumbai and lots of more. Folks inclined to visit

 this holy shire can perpetually opt for buses as their mode of journey.

 Taking tickets online from redbus helps to save a lot of time; this bus-

booking portal helps to offer best bus services to Shirdi at affordable prices. 

Let us look at the interesting locations to visit other than Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi:

1. Dixit Wada Museum: this venue highlights some of the valuable

 belongings of Sai Baba. It offers visitors interesting insights into his simple

 and pious lifestyle. Belongings like Baba’s robe, pipe, leather footwear, etc.

 are preserved. No entry charges here. It is located in the vicinity of the Shri

 Sai Baba Sansthan that show only holy pictures of Shri Sai Baba

 along withhis followers. The place still showcases all of the items that were

 ever used by him.

2. Khandoba Temple: one of the main temples in Shirdi. The Temple is

 committed to Lord Shiva in the type of Lord Khandoba (Shri Martand

 Bhairav). The temple has idols of Lord Khandoba, Banai Devi and Maasai

 Devi inside it. The temple holds special importance not only because it is

 has ancient origins but also because it has links to Shirdi. The place will

 definitely make you feel at peace. The place has been quite well maintained

 by the trust. The trust is also involved in noble causes like providing food

 to the poor. The trust has also newly opened a hospital as well as a nursing

 home for the villagers providing healthcare at affordable costs.

3. Chavadi: this venue displays some of the valuable assets of Sai Baba. It

 presents visitors intriguing insights into his easy and pious tradition.

 Property like Baba’s gown, pipe, leather-based shoes, and so forth. They

 are preserved. No entry expenses are here.

4. Shani Shingnapur (God is the Guardian): here is a temple committed to

 Lord Saturn (Hindu God). The whole village surrounding the Shani

 Shingnapur Temple has no doorways constructed at their residences. There

 are no scene of any idols in the shrine. Only a black rock, 5.5 feet. It is

 stands high on an open platform symbolizing the existence of god. 


Jakarta adalah ibu kota sekaligus salah satu kota terbesar di Indonesia. Kota ini memiliki luas sekitar 7.600 km persegi. Ini adalah salah satu kota di mana saya menghabiskan sebagian besar waktu untuk melihat situs-situs terkenal, makan di berbagai restoran, berpesta di klub malam dan mengunjungi berbagai tempat terkenal lainnya. Terletak di barat laut pulau Jawa, ini adalah pusat budaya, ekonomi, dan politik negara. Ini juga merupakan kota terpadat di negara ini, serta di seluruh asia tenggara. Sebagai turis, saya cukup khawatir ketika saya mulai berkeliling kota karena ada tingkat polusi yang tinggi, namun kehidupan malam dan area belanja yang semarak benar-benar menutupi itu semua.

Penduduk setempat menyebut Jakarta sebagai lelehan budaya yang dinamis. Bagian terbaik tentang kota ini adalah bahwa setelah Anda selesai berurusan dengan supir taksi dan mulai berinteraksi dengan penduduk setempat anda akan menyadari bahwa orang-orangnya cukup ramah dan baik. Kota ini dibagi menjadi 5 zona - pusat, barat, selatan, timur dan utara. Waktu terbaik untuk mengunjungi kota ini adalah antara Juli hingga Oktober. Daya tarik disini sebagian besar adalah wilayah kota tua yang disebut sebagai Kota oleh penduduk lokal disini. Jakarta adalah satu-satunya kota di Indonesia yang memiliki kejutan yang disimpan untuk anda. Jalan-jalan yang ramai, ratusan bar dan restoran serta beberapa klub malam terbesar di seluruh Asia, terletak di Jakarta.Kota ini memiliki populasi sekitar 10 juta penduduk dan orang-orang disini kebanyakan berbicara Bahasa Indonesia dan Jawa. Budaya di sini adalah campuran dari agama Asia dan Asia Tenggara. Namun, ada pengaruh besar Belanda dan Islam di antara orang-orang. Pastikan untuk mengunjungi Kepulauan Seribu yang merupakan tempat di mana Anda dapat menikmati menyelam di laut dalam di hadapan taman laut dengan berbagai kegiatan dan salah satu tujuan kehidupan malam terbaik, Jakarta benar-benar merupakan pengalaman yang pantas untuk dicoba. Jakarta memiliki makanan khasnya, yang paling terkenal adalah Kerak Telor, Soto Betawi, Kue Ape, Roti Buaya, Combro, dan Nasi Uduk.

Terlepas dari belanja dan kehidupan malam kota ini juga terkenal dengan makanan lokalnya. Makanan manis dan asam pedas di kota ini eksklusif hanya untuk bagian Indonesia ini. Jika Anda merasa agak sulit menahan panas cobalah minuman Es Podeng yang pada dasarnya adalah es serut dengan susu kental, kelapa dan buah-buahan yang bisa Anda pilih. Saya menghabiskan total sekitar Rp 5.000.000 / - dan saya menyadari bahwa tinggal lebih lama di kota yang baik ini dan berbagai macam kegiatan untuk masuk ke dalam, saya akan bangkrut. Saat itulah saya segera memesan tiket Bus saya ke Yogyakarta dari situs web yang dinamakan redbus.

Jakarta merupakan kota yang cukup terkenal dengan berbagai pilihan, ada sekitar 7 Operator yang memiliki bus harian antara dua kota ini. Namun, yang paling terkenal adalah Pahala Kencana, ABM Travels dan Rendra Travels. Pahala Kencana menjadi salah satu Operator yang paling tepercaya karena biasanya memiliki lebih dari 10 bus menuju Yogyakarta pada siang hari. Bus itu berangkat lebih awal pada pukul 4:30 pagi dengan yang terakhir berangkat jam 9 malam di malam hari. Biaya satu tiket adalah sekitar Rp1.800.000 / - yang cukup masuk akal. Butuh waktu sekitar 15 jam untuk mencapai Yogyakarta. Namun, saya cukup terkesan dengan pemandangan indah yang saya amati di jalan ke kota. Ini tidak akan mungkin jika saya telah mengambil penerbangan ke Yogyakarta.

charmainejason Sep 11 · Tags: tour, travel
James lim

It is quite unimaginable to not associate Singapore with food. Blessed with a variety of cuisines, Singapore has something to suit every foodie’s palate. Topping the list, though, is undoubtedly its seafood.

The succulent crab meat, the crunchiness of a shrimp, fine textures of a fish—this is just an overview of what Singapore’s seafood has in store for you. Albeit you should be able to find decent seafood all around the Island-State, we urge you to dedicate some of your time in discovering these delightful joints.

Troubles faced in reaching these places can be squashed immediately. Buying online tickets for a bus is simplified by ensuring a hassle-free travel.

The Naked Fin: This intriguing restaurant is hidden at the back of Gillman Barracks, a hard to reach spot in its own right. If you do happen to get a taxi up there, make sure you get them to take you all the way to the restaurant, otherwise the walk from the front gate will leave you a little sweaty. This is the best seafood joint in this city. Prawns and Squids were quite fresh and were lightly seasoned and hence it highlighted their flavour. If you are a diehard seafood lover then this place is for you. If strong food flavour or more sauce is what you are looking for I would recommend you to visit a French restaurant or a Chilli Crab place.

Penang Seafood: Penang Seafood was where I tried one of my first Fish Head Curries in Singapore. Memorable for the spiciness for sure but also the succulent flesh of the fish. Penang Seafood also gets my vote in this list because they (obviously) specialise in seafood. So here you can also order various other local seafood specialties like Assam Steamed Red Grouper, Chilli Crab and Cuttlefish. I suggest if you don’t like things too spicy you mention that when you order. I had ordered the Pork belly and salted eggs and found them awesome. Good quality food is served across the board. You will not regret visiting this place either. We had a very satisfying meal. This place truly has some great dishes. You can try their famous Assam Laksa which is very authentic. Penang Laksa is also what you can try out. It comes with a generous portion of fish meat. Do expect a queue especially if you visit this place on weekends. The most important thing is it is reasonably economical. Sure to come back again when in this city.

Jumbo Seafood:One of the most reputed seafood restaurants in East Coast Seafood Centre and through all of Singapore, the must tries here include the Salted egg yolk prawns and Crispy baby squids.

Long Beach Seafood Restaurant:Based in Kallang Park, local produce is given its due justice here. You cannot not try the Canadian Dungeness crab delicacies—the name itself is highly appealing!

Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant:The breath-taking views that this eating outlet is based in One Fullerton offers complement the signature dish of this place perfectly, the Chilli crab.


India is bestowed with towering peaks and snow-capped mountains, amazing rivers, challenging terrains and much more. The entire country is an epitome of adventure sports in the world. Starting from North, East, West to South there are ample options that offer adrenaline kicks to adventure seekers.

Most of the cities in India are well connected by roadways; buses are considered the cost effective and convenient mode of travel. Booking online bus tickets is made feasible at redbus.inThis fast, easy and secure portal help travellers to choose their suitable bus and travel in ease.

Keep on reading to know more about the best places to take that adventurer soul out:

River Rafting in Brahmaputra Waters: Rafting is one of the most adventurous modern activity. This can be done in both white and rough waters. Simply head towards Nameri National park in Assam and indulge in rafting in Brahmaputra River. This massive river is popular for water activities and gives exhilarating experiences to all rafters across the world.

Motorcycle ride in Rann of Kutch: Kick-start your bike engine and gear up for a fabulous ride in the Great Rann of Kutch in Gujrat. This is the ultimate place in India to have an enduring experience in the salt desert. This experience will definitely last for a lifetime!

Paragliding in Goa: Have you ever dreamt of flying like a bird? Yes! Then give wings to yourself when in Goa and indulge in this adventurous activity all in the air. The magical beauty of azure sea and dazzling sand shall be observed like a bird. All tourists admire Goa, with all its glory. You just let yourself loose and enjoy the aerial view of the palm and coconut groves, looks like a painted canvas.

Trekking at Siang Valley: Arunachal Pradesh is all about exploring the opulent nature. This is a moderate trek in Siang Valley, all through lush greeneries, narrow engrossing passes, challenging trails and a lot more. Its dense forests and rolling hills also offer hiking, jungle camping and other mountain sports.

jarrey Mar 15 · Tags: journey, tour, travelindia

Lying north of the equator, Malaysia’s weather stays hot and humid throughout the year, but it does experience some seasonal rainfall. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, has two rainy periods: from October to November and April to May. If it rains in ‘The Garden City of Lights’ when you are visiting, we recommend you enjoy the many indoor activities KL has to offer. Our favorite is staying dry inside the malls in the Golden Triangle area, KL’s main retail and nightlife belt. But shopping is not all the city has to offer: we’ve included our list of 10 great things to do in KL when it rains, from enclosed theme parks and spas to quirky science galleries and laser tag.

Traveling in Malaysia is quite convenient since it has some major bus terminals and express buses are the preferred mode of transport here. Tickets for which can be booked online from

Spend the day at KLCC

The Bukit Bintang-KLCC Pedestrian Walkway (an overhead bridge that connects Pavilion KL and Suria KLCC) makes it super easy for you to explore KL’s shopping scene. After walking around the Bukit Bintang area, you can take a 15-minute walk along the bridge to Suria KLCC, a mall with a wide variety of local and international brands.   But that’s not all you can do here: a visit to Petrosains in Suria KLCC comes highly recommended, it’s a hands-on interactive science discovery centre has a collection of everything from space-age exhibits to fossils. Also inside Suria KLCC is Aquaria KLCC, an oceanarium with over 150 species of marine life.

KLCC is home to some of the most largest landmarks in Malaysia, making it one of the best tourist destination. The developers of KLCC describe it as a city within a city offering a wide range of interesting attractions. The place is quite easily accessible by a public transport with several buses operating on various routes within the area and a few train stations nearby. The place is known to boast of some of the most extensive dining options where you will be treated to local and authentic Asian cuisine followed by French, Italian and Japanese fine dine options. The restaurants here offer breath taking views of the city allowing you to explore Malaysia at its finest. Make sure to visit Surya KLCC that is a 6 storeyed structure located at the foot of the Petronaus Twin Towers. It was open for the people in the year 1999 and has since then witnessed hundreds of visitors.

Visit the JoJoBa Spa

No grey day in KL would be complete without time spent in a spa. There is a concentration of them along Jalan Bukit Bintang (south of Bukit Bintang Plaza), where you can have a reasonably-priced full body massage or even try out foot reflexology.  If you are the adventurous sort, try a ticklish 30-minute fish spa: immerse your feet in an aquarium and tiny fish (called garra rufa or ‘doctor fish’) lightly nibble off the dead skin on your feet.

herry alein

Singapore is not only known for its incredible development and impeccable infrastructure but for its rich, diverse and jaw dropping shopping scene too. Singapore is packed with hundreds of shopping centres making it one of the most vibrant and liveliest shopping hubs of the world. Singapore satisfies everyone from lable-lovers with its world-class brands and budget shopaholics with many budget shopping markets and places. You just need a convenient mode of transport to travel and explore best of Singapore. For this you can hire car with car4hires at best economy prices. Below is the list of must-go places for shopping in Singapore.


It is the most famous spot for shopping in Singapore. Orchard road is surrounded by many local and international brands stores, mega malls, boutiques and you can find anything from high end fashion bran apparels to housewares and latest electronics here that too in wide range. From budget goods to luxury brands everything is available here. There are many good restaurants, cafes and street food vendors fond here offering endless options of treating your taste-buds.


Singapore’s most iconic and glorious landmark, Marina Bay is hub of luxurious hotels and malls. Some of the most pampered and luxurious experiences are offered here. Either shop for best high-end brands or stroll through the stores, enjoy a boat ride through canals running through mallsand dine at some of the finest restaurants at Marina Bay.


Most fascinating market area of Singapore ideal for budget shopping is must visit when travelling to Chinatown. You can find any good or product at throwaway prices. A great place to bargain shop, you can come out of this market with hands full of shopping bags within your budget.


An ideal place for budget shopping, Mustafa Centre is the only 24 hrs shopping centre in Singapore. A endless variety of jewellery, gold, silver, consumer goods, clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, electronics and every possible thing is sold here at economy prices.


Holland Village is an important store selling Asia wearable, crocs footwear, antiques, trinkets, art and craft, home furnishings, furniture, carpets and a long never ending list of goods and items. If you are looking for a bohemian experience in Singapore go to Holland Village.

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