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vidhya mohan
Top 3 Bus Journeys to experience in India

Taking the road when making arrangements for an excursion is perhaps extraordinary compared to other ways to satisfy your desire for adventure and escape boring times.

Most advantageous method for set out is to take a bus transport. Buses are perceptive and safe to travel. Booking online bus tickets from, is easy and quick. With this reality, regardless of whether in the east, west, north or south, India offers a huge number of road connectivity and destinations that create a captivating road trip by bus. Just pick your suitable transport and appreciate the road journey! The solution could be to simply gather up your belongings, illuminate your senses and whiz away is the amazing sort of break you can get from all anxiety. Here is a rundown of acclaimed road journeys in India that you unequivocally need to take to get a genuine break from a tedious life.

1. Mumbai to Goa: If you are a crazy seeker of those movie scenes where the roads seemed to be amazing, you will love the real version even more! Buses operate via this route and safe roads passing through many rocky, tricky pathways makes your journey adventurous. Being on the Chiplun-Ratnagiri route, you can also check out the Karnal Bird Sanctuary. The suitable period to take this road trip is during the months of December to January.

2. Jaipur to Ranthambore: One shall take the pleasure of alluring views of mustard fields and picturesque villages like Balsi and Lalsot while taking this the roads to Ranthambore. It is one of the most popular road trips in India, as big numbers of people flock to the Ranthambore National Park to spot a tiger or two. The roads are in a decent condition making your journey hassle-free.

3. Chennai to Pondicherry:
 A stretch of 160kms is covered by luxury buses will make the best of your journey. This is one of the most beautiful roads for travelling by a bus (of your choice). The dynamic reflections of the Sun on the water makes it most magnificent roadway around Chennai and possibly India will leave you feeling thoroughly gratified.
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priya dinkar
Best 4 Places to Sight in Shirdi, India

Shirdi is a small village located near Sai Baba Samadhi mandir beckoning devotees all across the year. Ramkund, located practically Shirdi, is committed to Lard Ram and is a noted traveller appeal too. The ringing of temple bells, holy prayer chants, the sight of lightened lamps and devotees praying takes all people all of your concerns out, erases your confusion, and transfers you to a world of everlasting alleviation and bliss. Shirdi is an acclaimed pilgrimage in Maharashtra, India, the place the shrine of Sri Sai Baba is likely one of the most famous among the entire Shirdi sights. Individuals/devotees from quite a lot of regions of India and overseas unite here to offer prayers to holy Sai Ram.

Shirdi is good connected with the aid of bus transportation from cities like Pune, Hyderabad, Indore, Mumbai and lots of more. Folks inclined to visit this holy shire can perpetually opt for buses as their mode of journey. Taking tickets online from helps to save a lot of time; this bus-booking portal helps to offer best bus services to Shirdi at affordable prices.

Let us look at the interesting locations to visit other than Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi:

1 Dixit Wada Museum: this venue highlights some of the valuable belongings of Sai Baba. It offers visitors interesting insights into his simple and pious lifestyle. Belongings like Baba’s robe, pipe, leather footwear, etc. are preserved. No entry charges here.

2 Khandoba Temple: one of the main temples in Shirdi. The Temple is committed to Lord Shiva in the type of Lord Khandoba (Shri Martand Bhairav). The temple has idols of Lord Khandoba, Banai Devi and Maasai Devi inside it.

3 Chavadi: this venue displays some of the valuable assets of Sai Baba. It presents visitors intriguing insights into his easy and pious tradition. Property like Baba’s gown, pipe, leather-based shoes, and so forth. They are preserved. No entry expenses are here.

4 Shani Shingnapur (God is the Guardian): here is a temple committed to Lord Saturn (Hindu God). The whole village surrounding the Shani Shingnapur Temple has no doorways constructed at their residences. There are no scene of any idols in the shrine. Only a black rock, 5.5 feet. It is stands high on an open platform symbolizing the existence of god.
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herry alein

Singapore is not only known for its incredible development and impeccable infrastructure but for its rich, diverse and jaw dropping shopping scene too. Singapore is packed with hundreds of shopping centres making it one of the most vibrant and liveliest shopping hubs of the world. Singapore satisfies everyone from lable-lovers with its world-class brands and budget shopaholics with many budget shopping markets and places. You just need a convenient mode of transport to travel and explore best of Singapore. For this you can hire car with car4hires at best economy prices. Below is the list of must-go places for shopping in Singapore.


It is the most famous spot for shopping in Singapore. Orchard road is surrounded by many local and international brands stores, mega malls, boutiques and you can find anything from high end fashion bran apparels to housewares and latest electronics here that too in wide range. From budget goods to luxury brands everything is available here. There are many good restaurants, cafes and street food vendors fond here offering endless options of treating your taste-buds.


Singapore’s most iconic and glorious landmark, Marina Bay is hub of luxurious hotels and malls. Some of the most pampered and luxurious experiences are offered here. Either shop for best high-end brands or stroll through the stores, enjoy a boat ride through canals running through mallsand dine at some of the finest restaurants at Marina Bay.


Most fascinating market area of Singapore ideal for budget shopping is must visit when travelling to Chinatown. You can find any good or product at throwaway prices. A great place to bargain shop, you can come out of this market with hands full of shopping bags within your budget.


An ideal place for budget shopping, Mustafa Centre is the only 24 hrs shopping centre in Singapore. A endless variety of jewellery, gold, silver, consumer goods, clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, electronics and every possible thing is sold here at economy prices.


Holland Village is an important store selling Asia wearable, crocs footwear, antiques, trinkets, art and craft, home furnishings, furniture, carpets and a long never ending list of goods and items. If you are looking for a bohemian experience in Singapore go to Holland Village.

vida phenag
Bus ride to Pavillion Mall from Hotel Fort Canning

Hotel Fort Canning

This is a boutique heritage hotel that was opened for the people in the year 2010, since then it has won several accolades. The hotel is known to have the highest standard of excellence and has been ranked amongst the top hotels of Asia and all over the world. The hotel has about 86 rooms and suites that have been well appointed and holds some of the most modern amenities. This luxurious hotel also has 2 huge outdoor pools and a 24/7 fitness centre.   The building is believed to have been used as the British Far East command during World War II. The hotel is just 22 minutes away from the Changi International Airport.

The hotel has about 86 guest rooms, which is quite a low number, compared to other hotels.  However, this is because each of the rooms have been spaciously designed offering some of the best luxuries. My stay here was an experience that I would hardly ever forget. I was staying on the second floor and a base room cost me 280 SGD.  

Having travelled by bus all throughout my journey in Singapore, I found travelling by bus very convenient and since Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was next on my list, i booked a bus from Hotel Fort Canning to Kuala Lumpur. The bus stop was just 11 minutes away from my hotel and I boarded a bus from the Dhody Ghaut MRT Station Bus Stop. I booked my bus tickets online from .  The bus dropped me off to the Air Asia Bus Stop in Malaysia, which is just 4 minutes away from the Pavillion Mall. The journey took me about 9 hours. There were3 operators plying on this route which were KTMB, Rapid KL and SMRT.

Pavillion Mall Kuala Lumpur

Pavillion Mall is considered to be one of the biggest shopping malls of Malaysia. The mall occupies a huge chunk of prime real estate along Jalan Bukit Bintang. It was opened for the people in the year 2007 and is divided into 3 major sections – a retail mall, an office block and with two huge residential towers. It has kept the city’s trendy fashion followers completely up to date and setting a perfect example of how extravagant some malls can be, with a number of dining options. The mall is spread across 1.37 million sq ft of land and has been constructed using white marble. The mall is a combination of indoor and outdoor shopping venues and it consists of an oversized Grecian temple. The temple features modern pillars and has about 450 different stores. It also has some hip-hop dining options, big box retailers and international designer labels as well as local retailers. The mall is one of the most visited places by the people of Kuala Lumpur and it does not matter if it is a weekday or a weekend, the mall is always crowded with hundreds of people. It will not be an exaggeration to say that it will take you more than 2 days to explore the entire place.
shakti rai
The advantages to book online hotels

Whenever you come up with travel plans, you prefer to book most of the things via online like taking tickets for transportation, booking package tours and many more. Why will you not settle on an online hotel room reservation? After all, who doesn’t like to finish their task with a few finger clicks? Of course, majority of us! In India, booking online hotel stays is widely catered by several online players (e-commerce travel companies). Besides, there are a huge number of benefits involved with online hotel booking.

After browsing a number of hotel booking websites, I came across a useful one. While making travel plans to Kodaikanal, I have explored this website called redbus and decided on an ideal hotel room, where I had spent a comfortable weekend. My experience of booking an accommodation online on this platform was a hassle-free one. I have made an online-secured payment and received an email and sms confirmation as soon as I completed the reservation procedure. With the fact, booking a hotel room is as simple as bus, train or flight ticket booking. Here is a list of reasons below that shall secure your intentions to pick an ideal hotel stay online in your next travel destination.

I would like to share the pros of picking your suitable accommodation from the internet (self-experience). Here, I have mentioned some of the benefits experienced while booking my hotel room from the website. Moreover, the site is desktop as well as smartphone friendly, so you need not open your desktop or laptop to book a stay always.
1. Wide Selection Range: Pick up whichever city you are planning to visit, you shall find a good number of hotels listed here. You can apply filter option, view hotels according to your budget and other preference and confirm your suitable accommodation. You can compare the services, reviews and prices.

2. Saves Time: The desktop version of booking hotel stays is now available through smartphones. The app is designed in a user-friendly way that suffice well within the limited screen size. So, just avoid the rush after reaching the new city (time & energy consuming) and it is a smart idea to book your ideal hotel online in advance.

3. redBus deals (Cost saving): Nowadays, almost majority of the population turns their face towards booking almost everything online (using the internet), which means leveraging the web world. In this way, you can get amazing discounts or cashbacks on booking your hotel online. You will not have to increase your expenses while opting for a luxury accommodation.

4. Guest Reviews on Hotels:
You can read guest reviews. In addition, go through hotel images clicked by guests and other details of service offerings before deciding on your final stay option.

5. Secured Online Payment: As you opt your well-suited stay, you can make secured/trusted online payments and receive a confirmation via email and sms. Make sure to carry the hotel booking copy at the time of check-in.
shakti rai Mar 4 · Tags: travel, trip, india, hotels
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