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 Cheap KD 9 following a wine red Air Jordan Future Low exposure, this time once again release a venom green color. Mesh upper with venom green tone presentation, with a black tongue, lining and details of the decoration, white in the end and the end of the large crystal blessing to make shoes more special. Shoes currently no information on the market, but may wish to first feel the shoes on the foot real shot.Have to say that the Nike home launch Nike Jordan basketball shoes is simply strange, the visual impact of the appearance of the series weaving, see at first glance will be shouted "basketball shoes can also be so?" Then we analyze the future of Nike Jordan What can be.
Nike Air Jordan 2017 is the future of the creative design with Phylon midsole, so walk down the stadium is still radiant. Shoes, excellent lightweight cushioning performance to bring comfortable fit is the future of Nike Jordan want to express the wearing feel. This section of shoes with a closed design, just right to help or design to create a superior gas field shoes, implanted high-tech features light permeability, impact resistance and cushioning of the various does not fall, the anti-skid wear Of the rubber sole material for indoor flooring, wearing the experience of a share with you to force the belt to fly faster than the foot.
Latest Jordans 2017 led to improved after the Air Jordan Future's hot atmosphere. Air Jordan Future series, there is a shoe body using the navy blue mesh to create upper and red lining design, supplemented by white in the end and the end of the three colors linked together can not help but let We think of the United States team color, it is not difficult to guess the intention of the designer.Low to help design like to help low-foot basketball shoes fans brought benefits. Shoes with reflective mesh upper with Phylon midsole, to create a suitable for the court to wear elegant style, so that the wearer in the field of basketball was a great charm.
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 Cheap KD 9 won three consecutive championship boots Air Jordan 8 for the prototype, bringing a black and a white gold blessing of two fine shoes.Is still a cigar and champagne as the theme, but into the celebration site filled with colorful confetti, as a glorious atmosphere of the great contrast.Black models in the details of the place with a colorful scraps of paper texture, the overall atmosphere of black gold, coupled with the perfect leather texture, Air Jordan 8 thick fine highlights.White models with the dazzling effect of platinum appeared, whether it is carefully built tongue Jumpman Logo, or gold decoration on the Michael Jordan fingerprints, are quite innovative.
Latest Jordans 2017 pay tribute to Michael Jordan's three consecutive championships, then selected the championship boots Air Jordan 8 modeled, bringing a black and white two Championship Pack.Black Air Jordan 8 "Confetti" symbol of winning the sky after the flying color of confetti, 8 generations of shoes in the classic thick texture, the dazzling colorful decoration, the victory of the vivid scene.Another Air Jordan 8 "Champagne" put the champagne elements, with a white luster shiny body, bronzing details of the decoration, gorgeous white gold visual atmosphere to bring a strong boutique, is clearly the best single peak tribute Products!
Nike Air Jordan 2017  bring a shallow one deep and two different styles of champion color, and in the shoe body strap started, you can see Hidden title of the title.Air Jordan 8 "Champagne" champagne color to platinum dress to bring thick glory temperament, white throughout, the perfect show of Air Jordan 8 that solid sense of security, and upper fender, strap buckle and tongue of the Jumpman Logo The gold to create, but also inadvertently showed Michael Jordan's fingerprints, a degree of relaxation brought a unique platinum boutique!
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Cheap KD 9 will be launched in 2015 for the first time in 1999 on sale "Oreo" color Air Jordan 4. This double Air Jordan 4 selection of black leather shoes, shoes, eye decoration and in the end together with the cement gray and attached with black ink, in particular, this Air Jordan 4 will be part of the original shoe body mesh uniform quality leather rendering, so More texture. Engraved rumors from TheShoeGame broke the news, the specific date of the sale is not yet determined.The most anticipated sale of shoes in February was undoubtedly the Air Jordan 4 Retro OG "White Cement" heavy return, the original reproduction of 100% OG first year details, followed by the Nike Air logo is the highlight of the most eye-catching weight Now.
Latest Jordans 2017 has been on this classic retro shoes, it's behind a lot of anecdotes and stories, you have to know! In this sale, as well as new shoes on the foot, the thin taste of the details behind it, perhaps more interesting than the shoes themselves!In addition to fresh white cement color to bring the four generations of shoes, the dynamic, white shoes, complemented by cement gray and black with the appearance of white shoes, wearing a ride also has a wild effect. Details of the red injection, with the words of the bright red Jumpman Logo will be the 1989 classic perfect reproduction of the trapeze.
Nike Air Jordan 2017 will be sold in China, presumably this is everyone's most concerned about the first question. In addition to men's size, GS large virgin women's models and children's shoes and baby shoes will be unveiled, but China will be the official sale of men and women shoes outside the trumpet shoes, for the time being is not known.
China has not yet announced the price, the overseas price of $ 220 US dollars, presumably the price in China will be around ¥ 1500 RMB, and now Taobao on the pre-sale price between ¥ 1650 ~ ¥ 1850, female models in the ¥ 1300 about. We can thus on the volume of this sale and the difficulty of starting to have a preliminary judgment - the volume is not small, but many people are concerned.
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Cheap KD 9 of shoes in February was undoubtedly the Air Jordan 4 Retro OG "White Cement" heavy return, the original reproduction of 100% OG first year details, followed by the Nike Air logo is the highlight of the most eye-catching weight Now.In addition to fresh white cement color to bring the four generations of shoes, the dynamic, white shoes, complemented by cement gray and black with the appearance of white shoes, wearing a ride also has a wild effect. Details of the red injection, with the words of the bright red Jumpman Logo will be the 1989 classic perfect reproduction of the trapeze.The 27-year-old has been on this classic retro shoes, it's behind a lot of anecdotes and stories, you have to know!
Latest Jordans 2017 of four OG color one year, the first sale in February 1989. At the time this retro shoes can be described as very fashionable, not everyone can accept such a design avant-garde basketball shoes appear in the NBA arena.Then the first year of the OG is still surviving the world, after 27 years, I am afraid than a lot of Sneakerhead shoes fans are older friends, the soles are not chalking also yellow, and on eBay is also a breakthrough million yuan of rare commodities. Today, we do a search on eBay, and did not find the 1989 first paragraph of this paragraph color matching sale.Then the goods for the 4362, right! Only 4 digits! 1999 engraved time is now the 6 +3 item number in the form of 136013-001.
Nike Air Jordan 2017 shooting Air Jordan 4 commercial television commercials, White Cement white cement naturally as the main debut. In his famous film "Do The Right Thing", Air Jordan 4 white cement is also a conspicuous appearance, for a shoe is already has a lot of scenes, publicity is naturally good.In addition to Nike and MJ cooperation with the Air Jordan 3 advertising shooting, director Spike Lee for Air Jordan 4 evaluation is also high, but also and love this classic shoe type.Also in February 1989 the first year of sale appeared in the commercial television commercials with white cement color together on stage, White Cement and a fellow brother, called the black cement color of the Air Jordan 4 "Black Cement".
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 Cheap KD 9  has a nickname called Black Cat. This is Michael Jordan's nickname. Super light, ultra-fast response is the Air Jordan 13 features, design inspiration from the cheetah, of course, also from Michael Jordan very strong desire to win and the spirit on the court like a cat-like agility. XIII with a sleek Zoom Air air cushion, imitation leopard eyes "trapeze" holographic image appears ingenuity, as well as carbon fiber elastic support plate provides a strong stability.As the first year of the starting color, the shoes debut in early 1998. Continuation of the "Bred" inherent black and red shoes, bright red turned fur material and unique black nylon reflective fabric to show a strong visual impac.
Latest Jordans 2017 has undergone two re-engraved, respectively, in 2004 and 2013, and 13 years of engraved version of the 3M do not know why the elimination of the reflective body design, really unacceptable .Since then Jordan Brand in 2014 launched the leather shoes body Air Jordan 13 "Black / Gym Red", also became the new black and red printing. Compared with the orthodox version, this time with black leather shoes and black paint in the bottom show people, AJ13 unique white leopard palm outsole is selected red embellishment, the overall texture is more rich but in the end to cancel the fur design, Sincerity slightly less.
Nike Air Jordan 2017 are limited edition Quai54 street ball, Of the Air Jordan 13 Low "Bred", as this color to help low-level debut, to create a familiar atmosphere at the same time, but also bring a new visual experience.From the 2013 engraved Air Jordan 13 "Bred" has been over the past three years, next year will once again return, whether the restoration of 3M reflective shoe personality dress, really let people look forward to!Jordan Brand in 2015 to give us one of the biggest surprises is that the Paul Hornets exclusively on the feet of the Air Jordan 13 PE open market, so that the majority of players can easily start with the players exclusive Logo PE shoes.
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Cheap KD 9 is equipped with the entire palm Nike Air Sole air cushion. Full-grain leather upper, elastic shoelace buckle, recorded from 1985 to 1994, 10 years of Jordan's honor and special experience of the shoes outsole, and issued in different cities in the United States, including the theme of the city color. This is the first pair to commemorate the launch of the Air Jordan series shoes, the significance of this double is more than the actual significance of the memorial.AIR JOEDAN 10 is known as a pair of "retired shoes", but Jordan is still in the NBA arena through it in the Jordan back, has been wearing a pair of bulls white / black / red color, while in the playoffs Wearing a black / gray shoes.
Latest Jordans 2017 wear this pair of shoes for too long, it also means that the shoe market is not ideal, but NIKE is out of this city shoes 5 limited color, not much for this Shoelaces back little popularity, and among the most sought-after is the Jordan to wear the Bulls color, because at that time the number of rare, and now the price is very expensive, and early NIKE has finally launched this pair of shoes engraved version, now let us Look at the engraved version of it.Design: 8.5 points. Jordan shoes shape, I do not think many people will say bad, because they are God's shoes, NIKE also spent in the inside, but it can be said, AJ10 in appearance and not too many special, most Characteristics are in the soles.
Nike Air Jordan 2017 take the entire palm of the air cushion unit, on the pitch can fully feel its effect, AJ10 also has superior package performance, people feel good package sense, but the feeling of permeability in general.Technology evaluation: 9 points. The entire palm air-cushion unit, Phylon midsole, the initial Dynamic-Fitg concept. AJ10 world first joined the Phylon midsole shoes, NIKE EVA technology is based on the improvement, it can form a combination of strong and durable air cushion, not only has the advantages of the original PU structure, and the buffer performance has been obvious Of the improvement, and lighter.Protection evaluation: 9 points. With a more light at the bottom and the soles around the protrusion of the package.
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Cheap KD 9 appeared in front of the public in succession, just like the formation of the "retro shoes wind", the face of such a culture, Jordan Brand will also be Jordan Team 2 series referred to the schedule to announce the return of engraved. The series of shoes to Air Jordan 13, Air Jordan 14 classic elements of integration to create, is a good performance with a real team shoes, which was also very popular. The return to the series will bring: white red, white gray, navy blue three color, so fans feast for the eyes. At present, the series is not accurate time to disclose the disclosure, like a friend may wish to continue to focus on friends.
Latest Jordans 2017 will also be engraved into the army, will return this year.Debut in 1998, Jordan Team 2 shoes in the continuation of the previous generation of local elements at the same time, Air Jordan 13 classic leather upper elements and Cat's Eye Jumpman Logo into. But this year's engraved version will replace the Air Jordan 13 style Jumpman Logo, changed to Air Jordan 14 Ferrari shield style presentation.Debut in 1998, Jordan Jumpman Team 2, ushered in the original color engraved. This use of the AJ13 elements of the team shoes, the re-engraved the first year of the "leopard eyes" for the AJ14 "Ferrari" Logo. In the end of the "Jordan" words have been retained. Which will be on sale recently.
Nike Air Jordan 2017 selected Air Jordan 13 of the shallow nest leather as the upper, with the common on the Air Jordan 14 heel pull mark and brand identity presentation. Jordan Brand Jumpman Team 2 for Air Jordan collectors is now available through designated stores.TEAM II when the sale of MJ has been retired, but the concept of JORDAN TEAM after the previous development and publicity, has begun to be well known. In addition to the players have signed JORDAN BRAND, there are many ordinary NBA players are wearing, NCAA also has a number of college basketball team is equipped with this pair of shoes.
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