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Pokémon Go is a huge hit worldwide - tips, tricks, guides and instructions are in high demand after the game officially is now available for Android and iOS also in Germany. We have a number vpn tips for you who might not know each player. We also reveal which often mentioned tricks do not work.

Pokemon go hack android is now officially available in Germany and more and more players set out to hunt for Pokémon. With some information and advice that falls a little easier, but not everyone supposed tip or trick in the Internet actually works. So for example it is completely pointless to attach the phone to a wheel of a stationary bicycle and hoped that turning the wheel helps to hatch eggs.

Indeed Pokemon Go not only uses the motion sensor, but also GPS in order to detect true motion. All too soon, one should as well but also not to move, because Pokémon Go is not intended to be played in vehicles. From a speed of around 20 kilometers per hour eggs are not hatched.

When the eggs there, depending on the Pokémon a certain distance that must be traveled at low speed in order to hatch them. There is a list to, for example, at serbii.net , but the distances seem partly to be correct - or there is a certain element of chance. At least there are some eggs, for which you have a whole 10 kilometers place. In the Tracker pawprints meet near the way around 100 meters of real distance to the Pokémon, whose outline is displayed. Weather and time also have an effect on it, from which Pokémon can be found.

Pokémon Go is also a heavy burden of battery of a smartphone due to the use of GPS, Google Maps and the camera. Here, for example, helps recharge the augmented reality function, after having a Pokémon found to minimally save energy. Whether the download of local map data while saving energy helps is controversial. Some players are convinced, but a google developer decontradicts this view. Damage, however, can not. Some gamers are now even to external power packs on the go can charge a smartphone again.

Found happiness Eggs should be stored up until a number of eggs are close to hatching, or you want to develop many of their own Pokémon. The double XP for 30 minutes should be activated shortly beforehand, so that a progress in a Pokémon example 1,000 instead of 500 XP brings. Weedle, Pidgey, Caterpie and Rattata this also requires only 12 Candy and are therefore particularly well suited to get a lot of XP. The evolution of Eevee is incidentally dependent completely random and not by the previous Stats.

Gym-Rewards can be collected every 21 hours as long as the guarding pokemon go hack android not defeated. There is also a Pokémon can be trained. This brings a few XP and Gym Prestige.Players who wish to complete the Pokédex have, theoretically actually travel around the world, for some Pokémon are according to previous information can not be found in all countries or regions. When catching a Pokémon also Razz Berries, of which only one per test can be used to help.

With Imgur a user has now also summarized many tips and those in Part 1 and Part 2released. Play and have more tips for us Pokémon Go? Use the comment function!

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