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Difference between Twin Mattress Dimensions for twin bed and Full Mattress Dimensions

Twin bed is one of the most common bed used in almost all of the families for either their growing kids or for their lone parents as this occupies least space and that’s why you will be looking for exact twin mattress dimensions before you buy mattresses. As we move from one country to another or even one city to another, there has been observed a slight to moderate change in the twin mattress dimensions and you will find the details of these in the website.

Before buying a twin bed for one of our growing kid, we must not only look for the twin mattress dimensions alone but equally important is the selection of the quality of bed, the coil and other materials used in mattresses, the cost etc.

Full Mattress Dimensions – Know the dimensions that best fit to your double bed

The double bed requires full mattress and before you buy mattresses for your double bed, you will need to know the exact full mattress dimensions. Commonly full mattress dimensions and full mattress dimensions XL are used in UK and other countries and these are also termed as small double and double.

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The dimensions of a full mattress (small double) are 53 by 74 inch and full mattress dimensions XL is 74 by 80 inch in US. IN UK, small double bed dimensions are 48 by 75 inch and for full XL mattress dimensions are 54 by 75 inch. In Asia and European countries full mattress are more common and its dimensions are 48 by 78 inch and 55 by 75 inch respectively.

So, if you are in US, your twin mattress dimensions will be 39 by 75 inch and twin mattress dimensions XL will be 39 by 80 inch. If you compare the width of full mattress XL with the twin mattress XL in US, it is 54 and 39 respectively, which is not even one and half times.

Mattresses for your twin or double bed

You need mattresses, bed sheets etc for your twin bed or double bed and the selection of mattresses is equally important. You can see a large number of mattresses in the market and you can buy these from your local or some online shops. Today’s modern mattresses come are much more comfortable and contains a spring coil inside the mattresses. A lot of parameters such as pressure distribution, long term stability, support etc., have already been established for these modern mattresses.

These modern and latest mattresses have been found suitable for use up to 15-20 years, however once you feel back pain and are uncomfortable with the mattress; you will need to replace it. One of the most important habits is to rotate your mattresses at regular interval. It is good to rotate these at least once in a month so that the pressure on the coil is equally distributed.

So, whether you need mattress for a twin bed or double bed, you will need to know the exact twin mattress dimensions or full mattress dimensions as these sizes vary from country to country or even city to city. Twin bed and double bed are commonly used in almost all household and therefore knowledge of your twin mattress dimensions and full mattress dimensions help you in selecting the mattress size for the bed. A typical mattress that is comfortable and long last will help you not only saving in the replacement cost of these twin mattresses or full mattresses but you will also be comfortable while sleeping.

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