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7 powerful reasons whyBaan Users List usage is necessary for business

The BaaN Users List from B2B Marketing Archives is the best marketing resource that can be easily integrated into targeted marketing campaigns. Having been in the business for a considerable amount of time now, we are the name most advertisers turn to. Our latest email records contain ground-breaking, completely standard information of the Baan client experts. The easy to comprehend and use database gives simple access to the best IT experts. These are professionals who obtain, supervise, and buy the best electronic and software products. Your promotions will get a definite boost by integrating data lists into them.

The BaaN Corporation provides solutions in terms of software support. They furnish various application servers that are capable of running Baan 4GL languages. The major benefit here is that the programming codes are independent of the platforms. Therefore, any product that you need to promote in relation the BaaN users will generate interest. Utilize our BaaN Customers Mailing Lists to find all the right prospects.

The lists contain:

The contact details of Baan users such as their residential address, telephone number, name, job title, ZIP code, SIC code, type of industry, etc.

The lists are for you because:

You will need the right tool to reach eminent decision-makers of organizations where Baan use is regular and optimal. Our list helps you do just that.

We bring you the best BaaN Users List that will fetch your business better results

B2B Marketing Archives brings you advertising solutions that optimize each and every stage of a marketing campaign. You will notice an all-round development of your business. We completely alter Baan email database so that it contains only the valid contact information of prospective customers. Our data specialists are abreast with the latest trends going about in the IT industry and model the data lists accordingly. Also, you can leverage advertising strategies through multiple modes by using the BaaN Users Mailing Lists.

What is the use of BaaN Users List?

The data list is an exhaustive directory of contact information of people who are valid prospective customers. If you need to leverage multi-channel marketing campaigns, then you must avail our data list to base the project on. In fact, all your decisions at various stages of the marketing campaign will undergo optimization. You will have a better perspective of the complete marketing scenario and hence, you will be able to personalize the advertisements effectively.

Find out how you can increase the ROI by utilizing our BaaN Users List. To know more about our products, just give us a call at +1 888-490-7510, or mail us at info@b2bmarketingarchives.com.

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Top 5 Reasons why your company needs PeopleSoft Users Email List ?

Advertisers regularly pick various channel of marketing for a more drawn out and enduring effect. Our mailing list and also the PeopleSoft Users Email List intend to extend your market base. With nitty-gritty data that guides telemarketing or direct mailing, and additionally email and internet-based life campaigns. The database comes all around divided, so you have significant information for any channel you decide for your broadcast.

Oracle’s PeopleSoft is a well-known brand that furnishes HR solutions and management systems, financial management directions, client relationship management, etc. If you have certain niche products that can be of any help to these users then our data lists are the tools that you must go for right now.

What are the benefits of using PeopleSoft Users Email List?

PeopleSoft Users Data Lists is a subject of regular validation and update to make sure to of the accuracy and deliverability rate. B2B Marketing Archives ensures that all the marketing database we furnish you is valid and responsive. Our PeopleSoft Users Mailing Data are a source of an industry-specific solution that will help you advertise better. The quality of our data support system is impeccable and hence, you will never face a challenge that you cannot handle.

If you are looking to target the businesses or industries availing various PeopleSoft applications, our PeopleSoft Users Email List can take you to them. This list consists of contact details of the business executives and professionals with decision-making authority. The contact details are accurate, verified, and updated on a regular basis. We have a large team of data analysts and researchers who will provide you with the latest lists and in the format that you require.

What are the uses of PeopleSoft Users Email List?

The email list acts like a bridge between you and your prospects and brings both the parties closer. In fact, you will see an enhancement in all the results that your broadcasts must make. An email list also provides a direct channel of communication with the prospects who qualify to be on the list. Also, you will be able to understand the dynamics and demand of products. In short, joining hands with us will change your marketing game for the better.

To know more about the PeopleSoft Users Email Listyou can reach us by dialing +1 888 490 7510. You can also mail us at for any other query at info@b2bmarketingarchives.com

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How to make money with JD Edwards Users Email List

JD Edwards Users Email List is a much in demand database that contains valid email addresses of the prospects. It is a well-known and top of the line ERP programming brand that has the most innovative products. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is one of the many successful items that businesses have constantly been utilizing. B2B Marketing Archives offers the main far-reaching JD Edwards clients list that tracks each qualified client from local and worldwide districts over many countries.

Utilizing the JD Edwards Users Contact Data, manufacture your image by elevating it to the correct groups of audience. As we center around breaking down your business battling needs, advertise your items to your most appropriate prospects through direct sends, telemarketing initiatives and you will see better results. In short, your business will accelerate towards a high ROI with our assistance.

Why buy Marketing Archives’ JD Edwards Users Mailing List?

Our very initial investigation examines potential markets to break down request hotspots and catches data from reliable open sources. Some of the trustworthy sources that we tap into our government listings, business cards, company annual records, etc. The endeavors taken by our profoundly prepared staff to reach out to eminent JD Edwards’s clients puts us eons ahead of any contenders. In fact, our JD Edwards Users Email List will optimize all the levels of your ambitious marketing projects. This will help you rake in many lead conversions.

What is the use of JD Edwards Users Email List?

The email list brings you a completely different perspective of the marketing arena and the prospects. You will be able to understand the various marketing strategies that work in a certain industry. Creating personalized advertisements is also easy due to the knowledge that you gain with the data list. Also, you will see an enhancement of lead generation and customer retention.

Our high opt-in JD Edwards Users Email List make sure that your broadcasts land better click-throughs and have minimal bounce rate. You also have the option of tracking the results that your advertisements are making. A thorough study of the quantifiable records will reveal the minor and major amendments that can make future advertising endeavors better.

Find out how you can increase the ROI by utilizing our JD Edwards Users Email List. To know more about our products, just give us a call at +1 888-490-7510, or mail us at info@b2bmarketingarchives.com.

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ERP Users Mailing List from B2B Marketing Archives gives you the best data support that will uplift the deliverability of marketing endeavors. The extensive database that we furnish help you reach out to the qualified prospects. Our lists will contain only the best and genuine contact details since we employ regular scrubbing and appending. This part of our list compilation process ensures that the data lists remain applicable for a long period of time.

ERP manages the improvement of asset usage and focused on work with the administrations. Organizations can without much of a stretch screen the exercises that they are associated with ERP programming and applications. OurERP Users Mailing Address list furnishes you connect with the best positions of business administrators on an individual premise. One-on-one interactions will enable you to impact the prospects to make buys and be a productive piece of your advertising drive.

 ERP Users Mailing List

Category-wise sectionalizing of the data lists


We comprehend that you may have to promote techniques that work best for just certain areas of the objective potential client base. Along these lines, we segregate the ERP Users Mailing List in light of different parameters. As a financially savvy measure, you will have the capacity to achieve the area of the potential customer base that you need to target. 

Augment the expanse of your brand with our data support


Complete data examination, data sources, prospects, we contemplate everything while creating a quality ERP Users Email List. We have multiple considerations to create a data list. Some of them are, who the correct prospects are, the interest in specific items, the thing used and acquiring, etc.

Focus on the forthcoming clients by methods for multi-channel promoting. You ought to remember the true objective to gather high accomplishment post each publicizing undertaking. Try different things with our adaptable ERP Users Leads List which may empower you to associate with prospects in light of your longing to target only the close-by customers.

What is the use of ERP Users Mailing List?


The mailing list is your best bet if you want to gain a widespread visibility. This is possible since your advertisements see the light of many marketing platforms. In fact, connecting with your prospects via email, direct mail, telephone, and any other mode will influence sales positively. Also, you have a complete segregation of the list. As a result, you can focus on smaller sections of the target prospective customer base with alluring advertisements. In short, you will get closer to a high ROI.

Find out how you can increase the ROI by utilizing our ERP Users Mailing List. To know more about our products, just give us a call at +1 888-490-7510, or mail us at info@b2bmarketingarchives.com.



B2B Marketing Archives’ Leisure and Entertainment Mailing List includes all the required details that are necessary to conduct multichannel marketing campaigns. So, you can have a better channeling towards your audience that will enhance your marketing campaign. However, whether you need to target the golf course or outdoor ground care market, hotels, health & fitness facilities, local authority leisure, swimming pools, architects, visitor attractions, holiday parks or anything in between, then Leisure and Entertainment Email List will help you build your business. B2B Marketing Archives is a wonderful and reliable source for an industry email database capable of directing your messages to all of the appropriate people. Thus, get going and start broadcasting your business using all the required business database.

Leisure and Entertainment Mailing List Audiences that you can target
  • Amusement Parks, Arcades, Attractions Email List
  • Fitness & Dance Facilities Mailing Lists
  • Lodging Mailing Lists
  • Museums & Art Galleries Mailing Lists
  • Music & Performing Arts Mailing Lists
  • Amusement and Recreation Industry Email List
  • Restaurants Mailing Lists
  • Sporting Goods Mailing Lists
  • Sports Teams & Activities Mailing List
  • Theatres Mailing Lists
  • Toys and Games Email List
  • Travel Services & Agencies Email List
  • Zoos & National Parks Email List

Leisure & Entertainment Mailing List is so responsive and potential enough to generate high profits. So, the information is ideal for direct mail, telemarketing, email, market research and much more.

You can customize your Leisure and Entertainment Mailing List based on
  • SIC/NAICS/Industry verticals/Segments
  • Organizational hierarchy/ Decision-making authority
  • Management level/Functional role
  • Revenue/No of Employees
  • Geo (Postcode, Country, City, State)
  • Head/Branch Office
  • Income level/Turnover/Infrastructural and other parameters
What are the benefits of using Leisure and Entertainment Mailing List?

Our Leisure data lists are highly accurate and are available in a wide variety of different formats for better targeting and improved response. Whether you want to mail, telemarketing or email, the Leisure and Entertainment Email Data are here to help you. Also, our Leisure & Entertainment Email Database is constantly verified and updated to ensure that the information you extract from our marketing lists is genuinely relevant. Therefore, earning a better return on investments and conversion with a minimum of bounce rate and maximum click through.

To know more about the Leisure and Entertainment Mailing List, you can reach us by dialing +1 888 490 7510. You can also mail us at for any other query at info@b2bmarketingarchives.com


Oracle Corporation is one of the most highly regarded industry leaders in enterprise software development and database software. The Oracle Users Lists that B2B Marketing Archives provides you incorporates a broad contact information of top-level decision-makers and business professionals.

Augmenting your brand value is the motive we keep in mind while fabricating the lists. The Oracle Customers Data List helps you find all the possible business openings. Our database is highly responsive and associates you with a number of software executives and establishments. We provide you lists that can be subjected to customization with ease. This practice makes sure that you meet all your marketing demands and preferences. Therefore, all your concerns regarding advertising will alleviate and you will see your business reach the ideal results. In short, your business will develop in the right direction by joining hands with us.

What are the major benefits of the Oracle Users Lists?


Our sole intention is to keep our customers happy and we know that an augmentation in ROI is the right recipe. You can blindly trust on our database to uplift your marketing game and help you achieve the preset goals. With a large customer base that Oracle has gained, it has a name in the industry for obtaining the largest database across nations. Our Oracle Users Mailing Database aids you in connecting with qualified prospects and customers for effective advertising campaigns.

Our data assistance is instrumental in helping you strategize better. Markedly, effective marketing strategy and attractive advertisements are sure to augment the number of sales that you garner.

Why should you be investing in data support from B2B Marketing Archives?


We believe in helping you in all the facets of marketing. As a result, our extensive Oracle Users Lists bring you varied contact details of prospects. By multi-channeling, you make sure that the brand gains a far-reaching visibility. This is key to have an increment in the conversion rate. Gradually, the sales graph also sees an upscale and you are able to reach a high ROI.

Our team of data experts works painstakingly to bring you lists that are goal-driven. To begin with, assimilation of data is only through trustworthy sources. Compiling the list in a user-friendly format follow the extensive verification and updating practices. Finally, the list is a subject of detail-driven segregation. By sectionalizing the complete list, we ensure that you can focus on narrow portions of the customer base with personalized advertisements effectively. Also, customization of the data lists gets easier.

Find out how you can increase the ROI by utilizing our Oracle Users Lists. To know more about our products, just give us a call at +1 888-490-7510, or mail us at info@b2bmarketingarchives.com.


Mining Industry Email List

Mining Industry Email List – Mining is one of the most fundamental industries that power the modern economy. Everything from the metals for cars, buildings as well as infrastructure to oil and natural gas comes from mining. Whether we know it or not, almost all the major industries that drive the economy are connected to mining one way or another. Any B2B advertiser who uses Mining Industry Mailing List has the opportunity to broaden their advertising outreach. Furthermore, it enables marketers to have a larger presence in the advertising sector.

Greater Advertising Options

Mining is by no means a niche market or a small industry. Almost every aspect of our daily lives depends on it. Automobiles, airplanes, ships, not to mention power and fuel generation rely on mining or ores. Additionally, mining also yields precious metals on which jewelry and apparel industries depend. In light of this universality, B2B marketers can extensively use the Mining Industry Lists in an industry-wide promotional campaign. There are several mining companies that extract several types of ores and advertisers all the major ones on this list.

This email list is marketable to several companies from a diverse range of industries. B2B marketers have the option to promote this list to the automobile, construction as well as metallurgy companies. Furthermore, companies that produce energy, jeweler manufacturers in addition to the computer chip and electronics manufacturers are all prospective customers for this list. With such a massive array of potential leads available, advertisers should have no problem gaining permanent customers. The Mining Industry Email List truly is one of a kind email list.

A Large Global Market

Mining forms one of the crucial sources of revenue for many countries. Several companies purchase the ores for their day-to-day operations. In light of the fact that mining has its influence over the policies of several nations, advertisers practically have a global market. By promoting Mining Industry Email List to so many companies across different sectors, marketers can go on to garner a positive brand image in advertising. Moreover, such a comprehensive promotional strategy improves visibility in the market and results in a better rate of click-through.
So, the Mining Industry Mailing List enables advertisers to tap into a massive global market from every industry and make a mark on B2B marketing.

Find out how you can increase the ROI by utilizing our Mining Industry Email List. To know more about our products, just give us a call at +1 888 490 7510, or mail us at info@b2bmarketingarchives.com.

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Los Angeles Mailing Lists

Los Angeles Mailing Lists – Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the United States and the largest city in California. Rightly called the City of Angels, it is one of the most important hubs of culture in the world. In addition to being a sprawling metropolis and ethnically diverse, it is also the home of Hollywood. This, by default, makes it a major center of the global entertainment industry. Furthermore, it boasts of a diverse economy in a broad range of professional and cultural fields. All these aspects make Los Angeles a heaven for B2B advertising.

Let’s talk about how advertisers can go about promoting Los Angeles Email Lists.

Impactful Marketing

Los Angeles is home to several film production houses, music recording studios, in addition to other businesses. The business landscape of this city is so diverse that advertisers are sure to find leads for almost any product or service. Moreover, since all the entrants on the Los Angeles Business EmailLists reflect the latest records, it is easier for marketers to promote. What this mailing list does is present an opportunity to tap into a vast market and expand the customer base. Moreover, advertisers can also boast of leads from every industry. All these opportunities at advertising enable the marketers to build a fearsome reputation as well as a positive brand image.

Prudent Resource Allocation

Marketing in an economic and cultural powerhouse has its own challenges. Furthermore, in a city as diverse as Los Angeles, there are several variables in market dynamics. In light of this, advertisers would doubly need Los Angeles Mailing Lists to know the market patterns. It helps them determine the hot trends and what products are likely to elicit a popular response. This knowledge allows marketers to channelize their resource appropriately and optimize their promotions. This is a definitive edge over the competition, especially in a business and tourism mecca like Los Angeles. Through directed promotions, advertisers can positively consolidate their efforts and maximize their profits.

Lasting Image

If a campaign takes off in Los Angeles, it is sure to attract significant attention. Whether it’s in real estate, media, as well as fashion or entertainment, advertising in Los Angeles, needs a trump card. The Los Angeles Mailing Lists is just that. In addition to fetching several customers, it also creates a positive marketing image. Advertisers can enjoy higher revenues and faster ROI.

Find out how you can increase the ROI by utilizing our Los Angeles Mailing Lists. To know more about our products, just give us a call at +1 888 490 7510, or mail us at info@b2bmarketingarchives.com

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Travel Agents Email Lists – Travel agents facilitate a large proportion of the revenue generated from tourism. While tourism in itself is a massive global industry, travel agents are one of the major components of tourism. When promoting the Travel Agents Mailing Lists, it is important to know about the candidates to whom the list is being promoted. Depending upon personal income, some people can travel within their own country, whereas some others can travel abroad.
Let’s discuss some of the best strategies to promote this mailing list.

Market Research and Analysis for Tourism

It is a good practice to know the hottest tourist destinations before advertising the Travel Agents Email Lists. Depending upon the location, traveling to that place is a far better experience at certain months of the year. A good example would be springtime in swiss alps or summertime in a tropical beach. It is generally better to advertise Travel Agency Database at certain times of the year if the campaign is to be responsive. While some tourists prefer natural beauty, others prefer big cities and famous monuments.

Tourists are better off visiting certain places at certain times of the year. A good example would be religious pilgrimage sites during festivals, host cities during international events such as world cups, Olympics as well as music festivals. Travel agents stand to gain higher responses from leads during such times.

Cruise Ships and Luxury Hotels

Ocean liners are the epitome of luxury. Ocean liners operate cruise ships that offer every imaginable luxury. Though they cater to the wealthy, they are worth every penny of their exorbitant price. From onboard casinos and salons to water parks and lavish living accommodations, these floating palaces are every traveler’s dream. Luxury hotels are another traveler’s paradise. These are the playground of the rich and famous.

Advertising travel agents who broker such an itinerary are always in high demand. Advertisers will do well to promote Travel Agents Email Lists, but better still, the travel agents who offer such luxury packages are sure to generate highly lucrative leads. These leads would include all the rich and affluent individuals and would contribute to an influential customer base.

Whatever the destination, there will always be people with different preferences, not to mention, varying budgets. When advertisers can glean some of that information about customers, promotions become infinitely easier.

Find out how you can increase the ROI by utilizing our Travel Agents Email Lists. To know more about our products, just give us a call at +1 888-490-7510, or mail us at info@b2bmarketingarchives.com.

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Neurologist's Email List

Neurologists Email List – Neurodegenerative diseases are virtually a curse to the patient. It is nothing short of a prison for the patients in their own bodies. There was almost no way to treat them just a few decades ago. But neuroscience is now better equipped to diagnose and treat such ailments. Although no cure has yet been invented, it is much easier to manage it now as compared to even twenty years ago. Millions of dollars have been spent on research to find ways to treat neurodegenerative disorders. The Neurology Mailing Addresses can provide a modicum of respite for patients suffering from such dreadful diseases.

Let’s talk about how advertisers can promote this email list and how patients may derive benefits from it.


With several advances in neurology, it is now easier to diagnose and treat such degenerative disorders. There are neurologists all over the world conducting extensive research to find cures for these kinds of disorders. Many of the top research institutes will be greatly benefitted from the Neurologists Email List. Like every disease, an early diagnosis always gives a considerable advantage to patients. A major concern with such ailments is that they are progressively degenerative and so, they get only worse with the passage of time. Various remedial treatments can be administered to patients who were fortunate enough to get an early diagnosis.

Limited Treatment

Although no cure has been discovered yet, there are certain treatments that make life easier for patients. Given the nature of their disease, a patient loses control and coordination of their own body. There are several treatments that limit the extent of the disability faced by patients. But these only halt the deterioration, for a while. Advertisers can promote the Neurologists Email List to hospitals to facilitate the greater availability of neurologists.

Neurologist Data List is also useful for conducting workshops to spread awareness about this type of disease. Moreover, there are also several workshops to counsel the family members of patients on how to handle and manage the daily lives of the patients.

Accident and Trauma Care

Several individuals suffer from nerve damage due to accidents. These can range from loss of rudimentary control to paralysis. In such cases, the victims can greatly benefit from Neurologists Email List. Although several hospitals offer nervous care, patients may still want to get a second or even a third opinion.

These are some of the uses for Neurology Mailing Addresses that advertisers can cash in on.

Find out how you can increase the ROI by utilizing our Neurologists Email List. To know more about our products, just give us a call at +1 888-490-7510, or mail us at info@b2bmarketingarchives.com.

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