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Costa Rica Immigration Lawyer

Travel to Costa Rica, with gorgeous landscapes it is the ideal location for any vacationer. Those looking for experience could discover delights from whitewater rafting to zip-lining on their journey to Costa Rica. Learn more concerning adventure traveling in Costa Rica with this article composed by a Costa Rica travel professional.

Latin The U.S.A. offers attractive and varied landscapes from coastlines, volcanoes to lavish jungles you can locate it southern of the equator. Take a trip to Costa Rica which will offer all these natural wonders in one location, travelers have the ability to loosen up on the beach, check out the lavish forests, or hike among the many volcanoes. However this Latin The U.S.A. heaven additionally provides numerous opportunities for an unusual vacation, loaded with possibilities for journey, pleasing any adventure hunter's desire.

Take a trip to costa rica retirement visa, where journey is not difficult to discover amongst the lovely surroundings. Right outside of San Jose travelers can take a San Lorenzo cover tour, which is a zip line adventure taking visitors high over the tree tops. This tropical forest adventure allows you to learn everything about the location's plants as well as pets while providing you a rush of adrenaline, one platform to the next. There are 2 separate excursions, for simply a taste try the woodland area which includes shorter lines. If you are wanting to obtain the optimum excitement from your zip line excursion, take the experience trip which makes certain to obtain your heart racing.


The country additionally supplies many rivers fantastic for whitewater rafting. Full of views yet giving a thrill, this is a great method to experience the natural appeal of the area. The Pacuare River takes you past falls, lush rainforest, as well as high canyons. The river offers class II-IV rapids, and also is sure to be an enjoyable experience in the middle of the stunning landscapes. One of the most amazing rapids are located in the narrow canyon of Dos Montanas in the direction of completion of most tours, sure to give you one final thrill. Several firms provide water rafting excursions, so look into all the alternatives and discover a scenic tour fit to your rafting desires.

One more terrific journey for you Costa Rica vacation is cannoning. Perfect for adventure candidates spend your day fending off down the high cliffs as well as falls of the rich tropical woodland. Trips provide devices as well as training, all you need is your sense of journey to set off on this journey. The majority of excursions will take you whiz lining to various falls where you will certainly come down, gaining confidence and also experience with each waterfall. Canyoning makes sure to offer you an up close as well as individual experience with nature as well as an extraordinary experience. Popular with severe sports enthusiasts, test your adrenaline tolerance with a canyoning trip.


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Power Efficiency Guide is a new invention sustainable energy pattern. It's a really comprehensive applying design, essentially for under energy demands for power, control, safety, and energy efficiency. One high cost that maximum people are ready to cut behind on is your electricity invoice. If you are looking for house heaters to heat your home throughout the wintertime, then you may require to examine the most power efficient choices.

A strong, fairly constant wind is an important power efficiency guide review for the turbines to create electricity. After a brief while, the tiny money spent on installing the generator is going to be regained, that's the reason it is known as free energy. The entire amount of heat delivered should be exactly like the sum of heat extracted from its source theoretically.

Even as easy as unplugging the television set when not being used, unplugging chargers if you're already done with the charging together with unplugging every home appliance that isn't being used. It's also not nearly using alternative energy power systems in your house. The system segregates potential interference issues to stop the power noise.

Public awareness can be generated, so as to educate people concerning the intelligent use of energy. Smart energy management helps organizations pursue sustainability targets and decrease costly monthly electricity bills. If you practice a small energy conservation, you will also practice plenty of wallet conservation.

There are plenty of problems that will need to get addressed before this undertaking such actions. There are several environmental considerations. You can also locate alternatives as well in order to locate alternative sources of energy that's a great deal cheaper.

The majority of the modern space heaters these days are intended to conserve electricity and be simple to use for safe handling. Don't get a huge fridge should you really don't want the huge storage space inside. You can do still more to conserve electricity in the direction you run your kitchen.

In order to cut the use of energy, the systems with the ideal heat pump efficiency need to be purchased. There's always some energy loss, which lessens the efficiency of the machines. Aerobic respiration occurs in the existence of oxygen.

For instance, the methane gas generated by landfill decomposition may be used to fire a furnace to power a steam turbine to create energy. Mercury is a critical ingredient for compact fluorescent lights to get the job done. The distinction is minimal when natural gas is used instead.

The filters within this system are washable. To comprehend how ductwork can be designed in a cost-effective and effective fashion, this post decodes the ductwork design and gives a concise outline of the plan procedure, methods, and standards. The crucial role of ductwork design is to supply the least obtrusive channel whereby cool and warm air can travel in the most effective and cost-effective way.

Lower prices will likely encourage the use of energy, making the entire effort worthless. Making your property more energy efficient could save you money, and is a good idea in the very long run. It ought to be energy efficient and economical.


Ancient ED Fix for the modern on this reserved guide to male improvement. Ancient ED Fix is an ancient all-natural record include confidential once enjoyed by men for thousands of years proven to skyrocket your vigor, boost your sex drive and give you the solid erection. Erectile dysfunction is a usual problem for men but the valid advice is that it can be fixed with the proper methods. Ancient ED Fix Most believe that the change in male sexuality happened after the design of super funds to increase strength.

Erectile dysfunction is the expression used ancient ed fix review when a guy is not able to retain an erection for the necessary amount of time (i.e. until he ejaculates). Since it seems that ED risk can be lessened with a wholesome diet and other lifestyle choices. Additionally, there are couples who'd want to get around the issue altogether.

With this kind of negative side effects connected with impotence drugs, it is far better to fix the issue naturally and start with vitamins that may help with erectile dysfunction. It will get easy that you combat the repercussions of impotence. For that reason, it's one of the greatest herbs to deal with male impotence and supply her mesmerizing sexual pleasure.

With the current remedy to do away with erectile dysfunction was provided, an important question arises. The next step would be to begin taking some vitamins that may help you cure erectile dysfunction. Employing a vacuum device is just another erectile dysfunction therapy.

Treatments are finished only after analyzing the reason for dysfunction. You can't ever be sure they are authentic remedies. Nonetheless, there are numerous remedies to treat ED.

It is helpful to maintain an excellent erection for the comprehensive lovemaking. As a way to boost erection hardness, you will need to go for remedies when you know of the issue. They are able to achieve an erection but are unable to maintain it.

Luckily, there are a few rather easily identified amenities and features of such products which may help you to better ascertain whether such remedies for erectile dysfunction will supply you with the outcome that you're seeking. If you're a man with a development problems issue, don't be panic! A number of the causes are a physical and mental component.

It's also a pure supply of component referred to as Pyrazolo Pyrimidinone. The ideal way to judge whether erectile dysfunction natural solutions are the very best for you is to have a look at what's involved. An erection is a consequence of a series of events and when there is a form of disruption in any of the events then it ends into erectile dysfunction.

Talmakhana is among the best herbs to improve blood flow to the penile region. L-arginine, a well-known amino acid is another frequent cure suggested for the reproductive issue. Blood vessels start pumping more blood in a very brief time and tissues start absorbing more blood so as to secure bigger in proportion.


Eyes are the best gift of our life and play a major role in our life. Our eyes works as the most sophisticated electronic automatic camera. The pupils of the eyes open for the adjustment of focus; accordingly the muscles of eyes contract or expend to allow the entry of proper light inside. Colours are identified and a proper picture develops in our mind. All the process is automatic. Now due to different reasons if the functioning of eyes is disturbed there can be temporary or permanent damage to the eyes. If proper care is not taken for the eyes diseases which appear mild or the wrong treatment is given, there is possibility of losing the eyesight.

The only means to be certain that vision is developing normally is provide your son or daughter an extensive vision analysis via an eyecare professional. To learn this, your physician will ask you about your eye history and basic eye history outback vision protocol review including the signs that you could have experienced. Eye care for children is sometimes an area parents overlook since they aren't always mindful of the significance of eye health for kids. In the event the kid shows no indicators of vision issues and does not have any family history of vision difficulties, get an exam every year to two decades. If you're a very good candidate for LASIK surgery, you should have a superb outcome from the therapy. 

If you're thinking about having LASIK eye surgery, it's important that you're a superior candidate for the process. LASIK surgery, in brief, involves the invention of an extremely thin, transparent bit of corneal skin'' to cover the cornea. Medical history provides that people with higher blood sugars frequently have bad eye sight. There are things you have to do which will enable you to get 20 20 vision naturally. A whole lot of people believe eye problems arrive with age, but there are lots of eye problems that newborn babies can have. 

A great provider of eye care Wilkes Barre is one that is going to allow use the most innovative technology for this intent whilst providing the exact same for a reasonable cost. Thus, a referral from your healthcare provider may also be useful in finding a dependable surgeon. In the modern Internet-centric world, locating a good surgeon has turned into far easier. After a comprehensive eye examination, our 34711 eye care doctor will ascertain if Ortho-K is ideal for you. If you're suffering from blurred vision or seeing lines which are wavy for example then you need to book an appointment with an ophthalmologist since there might be something more seriously erroneous.

Nick Andrew

Investment casting is one of the oldest recognized metalworking procedures around. Starting greater than 5,000 years back as "lost wax investment casting" the historic procedure used bee's wax to create a pattern which was after that used to create numerous components and also items. Fast forward to today, countless years later and also the scientific research stays the same. Nevertheless, investment casting shops around the globe have presented brand-new advancements such as modern waxes, advanced refractory materials, and the many breakthroughs made possible by computers and also computer system aided layout.

Much like the results of our old forefathers when they did it, casting offers unrivaled accuracy, repeatability, as well as quality-- this makes the investment casting of tiny parts and big components in premium quality alloys a fantastic alternative to other much less exact producing methods.

The investment casting process starts with a design. This can be a drawing or an existing prototype component. Build Making the next action is mold and mildew production. From a drawing, layout, or prototype the investment 
Grey Iron Casting factory produces a shot mold and mildew. This wax pattern injection mold and mildew is after that machined utilizing computer system helped style and/or computer system assisted manufacturing, a marriage of both ancient scientific research as well as cutting side modern technology.

Several wax pattern shot mold and mildews are set up on a tree or "sprue" to form the complete part. In the following part of the procedure, a ceramic covering or prime slurry is applied to the tree or sprue, finish the wax assembly in a great ceramic fluid. While the slurry is still wet, it is covered in really fine sand then enabled to dry before slurry and even more sand is used. This is duplicated until there are 6 or more layers of ceramic covering on the wax setting up. Next at the same time, the ceramic shells are prepared for the wax assembly to be eliminated from the in. This is made with an autoclave, where the ceramic shells are put on a tray and the autoclave utilizes steam to melt the wax inside the mold. After wax is removed the ceramic shells are subjected to a high-temperature exhaustion to cure the ceramic mold and mildews. Then process they are planned for preheating as well as casting.


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Divine Vision 12 is a dietary supplement which orders advice in preserving your eyesight and more enriching the health of it. Essentially, scenes are used to improve the vision development of can change your vision simply with the proper nutrition. This vision health benefits of certain techniques that reinforce the connection between the eyes and the brain for greater vision health. Find a nutritional solution that will support you to achieve that aim.

All their treatments include totally free aftercare for three months following surgery, and they provide a wide variety of payment plans divine vision 12 to help you spread the price of your treatment. When you select the LenSx Laser, you are going to delight in a reach of vital advantages. Based on your filing status, the price of your LASIK could possibly be a deductible expense from your taxes.

Use a number of the basic guidelines listed below to help you determine the ideal surgeon for you. When you select a refractive eye surgeon, we suggest that you question your surgeon thoroughly and do a little research on your own (before and after you see an eye doctor) to make sure that laser eye surgery is your smartest choice. About 1 in 10 individuals who have laser eye surgery need more surgery to find the greatest possible outcomes.

An experienced, reputable surgeon will ensure you are a superb candidate for LASIK in front of a procedure is advised. Or you might need to postpone the surgery until the issue is treated or controlled. No procedure is the most appropriate for everybody.

If you're keen to have your surgery performed once possible then it is necessary you know the length of time you may have to wait around for your surgery to be performed. Cataract surgery is extremely secure and complications are extremely rare. Laser eye surgery is turning into an increasingly popular elective procedure, with over 120,000 people undergoing the treatment each year in the united kingdom alone.

If you're a candidate for laser eye surgery, you can want to know more about the different LASIK alternatives so you're able to make a truly informed decision about which procedure is appropriate for you. General anesthesia isn't required.

The expense of revision surgeries can accumulate. Testing before LASIK can help identify patients who might have night vision troubles. Because LASIK is still a comparatively new therapy, the long-term risks haven't been determined. 

You desire the best-qualified surgeon to help you reach your vision correction objectives, so put in the effort to get the surgeon that satisfies your needs. If you're deciding on a premium lens implant, our goal is going to be to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses, but we also should make certain you are pleased with your choice and obviously, with your results. You'll most likely have blurred vision.

There are a lot of techniques to conserve money on laser eye surgery. In that case, the treatment program might be modified to minimize any night vision effects, or we might decide that you aren't a great candidate. Patients do have the choice of having the eyes treated on alternate days if they decide to.

It's crucial to make sure you receive the perfect treatment for you, that you enjoy the business and the practitioner who will be delivering your Laser eye surgery, and that the last price sits inside your budget. Actually, the results appear to last longer than other forms of laser eye surgeries. If this is the case, you are likely investigating laser choices.

Improvements in the lenses taken for cataract surgery have provided another surgical choice for people with presbyopia albeit one that's controversial and not accepted by the FDA. Lens surgery might be more suitable in case you have a high spectacle prescription or later in life.

ultra omega burn review

These natural weight loss supplements are preferred by most people rather than the other synthetic products, which are known to have the same functions and bring in the same weight reducing effects. The herbal supplements are more trusted because they were used by people for centuries; thus, their effectiveness was already proven and established. Now, these herbal products have been enhanced and introduced in modern forms.

Driving safety is dependent on a lot of external factors along with the state of the driver. You will help to maintain your eyes safe and protected now and for several years to come. Today, he's a happy, healthy four year-old. Taking care of your eyes is among the most essential sides of your wellness. Another area to check at is maintaining a wholesome heart and circulation. Employing the computer too often can damage your eyes. You also have the option of wraparound glasses that completely wrap around your head to provide protection from many sides. 

The head of your bed needs to be raised about six inches over the foot. Besides conducting regular self-exams of the genital region ultra omega burn review to monitor changes, it's important for men to exercise appropriate penis care and seek out medical attention when issues are found. An even workout will make sure that each of the sections of the human body are flexible, strong and stretched thus, when you only concentrate on one portion of the leg, the ignored side will get weak and inflexible causing a great deal of pain. While a discolored penis is generally nothing to be concerned about, there are a wide range of issues that may alter the look of the penis skin. 

As a result of significance of calcium in bone formation and muscle feature, the majority of the indications and symptoms are associated with bone and muscle effects. If you are managing localized pain that's red and inflamed, especially if it's in a toe or finger, which may be a symptom of uric acid buildup If you experience bleeding that doesn't stop after some minutes Rapid heartbeat or new rashes on the epidermis, especially along with starting new medications. A retroverted uterus does not lead to a miscarriage. A woman is made in such a way as it is essential that she understands the requirements of a helpless infant.


But that just made it even easier to be Madden Overdrive Coins on Westbrook’s side, especially after he announced that “the Warriors were doing a lot of trash talking. Apparently, I guess they talk a lot of trash talk now.”There’s also the matter of the sous chefs with whom Brady and Westbrook are cooking. At the rate they’re going, the Patriots are probably going to be in the Super Bowl. They’re on the longest streak of being-so-good-that-the-nation-turns-on-you, a model that Durant and the Warriors are on track to resemble.

They’re the pretentious restaurant that gets all the Michelin stars and that no one wants to go to.The Thunder, on the other hand, are not title contenders. They’re like the guys who worked at that diner in high school and spent most of the Madden NFL Mobile Coins time smoking weed in the parking lot. Everyone knew they weren’t going to win any awards, but man, was it fun to watch that one dude flip pancakes in the back with dexterity and skill. And Westbrook is the pancake flipper. He’s putting on a show in a no-threat environment surrounded by a bunch of underdogs.

Who doesn’t want to root for that?Westbrook is also making it very clear that he knows what he’s doing. Why else would he have showed up to the Thunder’s game against the Warriors to see the photography-obsessed Durant for the first time dressed up in a photographer’s vest? That was not just for the fashion. There was no fashion. That was shade of the shadiest variety, the kind that makes you go, “ooooooh!” in a sing-song voice. Westbrook later denied that his outfit had anything to do with Durant, an assertion I don’t buy for a second.

Brady, on the other hand, has never gone all-in on Goodell. He’s towed the Patriots party line of “don’t say anything that isn’t related to Madden 19 Hot spot Madden NFL unless it’s about Donald Trump.” If Brady were to verbally light up the missioner, this whole thing would be a whole lot more fun. The moral of the story is that when it es to conducting your own revenge tour, make yourself a chilly Westbrook sandwich of brilliance. Don’t bother with Brady’s variety — it’s been in the fridge for way too long and you’re probably already sick of it, anyway. This Ohio State fan's video might convince even a Michigan fan that the call was right.

Elaine Efird

Before proposing to the one you love, it is important to locate the best place to buy engagement ring. For any wedding, of whatever religion it might belong to, the role played by a pair of engagement rings is perhaps one of the most important roles in the entire wedding ceremony. Traditionally, an engagement ring is used in marriages and weddings as a symbol to bring to light the deep bond and the connection of love between the two partners.



Facts about engagement rings

A engagement ring is the symbol of the two partners’ undying commitment and eternal love for each other, and thus, choosing the correct engagement ring is of the utmost importance and the decision to pick the right engagement ring just so that that engagement ring can display one man’s love for his wife, and vice versa, is a decision that has to be taken up on acute deliberations. Hence, as soon as you start planning your wedding, start looking for a good     Jewelry Store to buy an engagement ring.


From which jewelry store to buy best engagement rings


Women these days, for their choice of engagement rings for their wedding, or marriage, are leaning towards the very new age trend of choosing titanium engagement rings for women. Titanium engagement rings for women are fast becoming the most chosen variety of engagement rings in today’s wedding and marriage market and are a big hit even in the best place to buy a diamond engagement ring.


Titanium engagement rings for women are a brand new trend that is catching on in today’s wedding rush. Not only are titanium engagement rings for women a far more durable option as compared to any other metal, but the titanium engagement rings for women are also a much cost effective option for the newlyweds, or the soon to be wedded, man and woman, in today’s stringent money market represented in the best place to buy engagement ring.


Different types of engagement rings


Titanium rings are the latest fad and are very popular in even the best place to buy engagement ring 2012. Titanium engagement rings for women are made of titanium, which is a metal that resembles silver or white gold, in color, and is quite strong as a metal.


Thus, these titanium engagement rings for women are chosen more as compared to the other types of engagement rings for women is because the titanium engagement rings for women are highly durable, and also, because of their durability, these titanium engagement rings for women form the perfect symbolism for the strength and eternal nature of the love and respect between a man and a woman who are about to be wedded, or between a man and a woman who have just been wedded.


Titanium engagement rings for women are also bought by loving husbands for their wives of many years, just to reinforce the bond of love between them. Titanium engagement rings for women have come in to favor only in the recent years.


This is because, more and more women today are engaging themselves in to very hands on works, and hence, these women seem to prefer those kinds of engagement rings that can with stand the wear and tear of the daily exhaustion that the owner might put it through. In case of the best place to buy engagement ring online, Titanium engagement rings for women are fast gaining popularity because of the strong nature of the titanium engagement rings for women.

But apart from just being very strong in nature, the titanium engagement rings for women are also crafted quite beautifully, and this is also one more reason why brides these days are opting for the titanium engagement rings for women in the best place to buy engagement ring setting.

Apart from being highly durable, and crafted exquisitely, what marks the titanium engagement rings for women as a better choice for engagement rings, is the fact that the titanium engagement rings for women are also comparatively cheaper when compared to the engagement rings crafted out of other precious metals like gold, silver, or even platinum. Thus when you find the best place to buy engagement ring go for a Titanium ring.



The Arizona Cardinals have tendered offers to exclusive rights free agents defensive lineman Olsen Pierre Al Woods Jersey , offensive lineman John Wetzel, running back Elijhaa Penny and cornerback C.J. Goodwin.

Pierre played in 14 games last season, seven as a starter. His 5陆 sacks were second on the team to Chandler Jones' NFL-leading 17. Pierre, who worked his way up from the practice squad the past two seasons, had 10 tackles for loss, tied for second-most on the team.

Wetzel appeared in 16 games last season, starting 11 and filling in because of a series of injuries.

Penny played in all 16 Cardinals games last season, rushing for 124 yards and two touchdowns on 24 carries.

Goodwin played two games for the Cardinals after being acquired off waivers from Atlanta.

Jrue Holiday’s postseason production is providing Pelicans All-Star Anthony Davis with a more comfortable margin for error 锟斤拷 and has left Portland with precious little.

Holiday’s 54 points, 16 assists and slew of defensive successes in the first two games are big reasons why the sixth-seeded Pelicans hold a surprising 2-0 series lead over the third-seeded Trail Blazers as they prepare for Game 3 Thursday night in New Orleans.

“Playoff Jrue, I guess,” Davis quipped after Holiday scored 33 – including a late Jarvis Landry Jersey , deep 3-pointer – in the Pelicans’ Game 2 triumph in Portland on Tuesday night. “He’s in a different mode.”

Philadelphia visits Miami in one of two other Game 3s on Thursday night, while the Spurs’ return to San Antonio after a pair of double-digit losses at defending champion Golden State.

Pelicans general manager Dell Demps bet big on Holiday on the first day of free agency last summer, giving the 27-year-old guard a five-year contract worth about $126 million. But if the postseason is where players really earn their money, then the Pelicans’ Holiday spending could very well be worth it.

Holiday helped preserve New Orleans’ Game 1 victory with a leaping steal in transition during the final minutes, followed by a block in the final seconds. Those plays were prime examples of why Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry has asserted Holiday is one of the best two-way players in the NBA.

“We ask him to guard the best perimeter player and we ask him to do it while we’re also wanting him to get 20 points,” Gentry said, noting that Holiday has had to take turns guarding both members of Portland’s prolific starting backcourt, guards Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum.

“He can get to the basket against just about anybody that there is. His outside shot has really improved,” Gentry added. “He’s very confident in what he’s doing and the way he’s playing.”


New Orleans leads 2-0. Game 3, 9 P.M., NBA TV.

NEED TO KNOW: The Pelicans were no better at home (24-17) during the regular season than on the road (24-17) Dede Westbrook Jersey , which gives Portland hope. “We’ve won on their floor before and we feel like we’re capable of doing the same thing they did to us,” Portland’s Lillard said. However, the atmosphere could be different for New Orleans’ first home playoff game since 2015.

KEEP AN EYE ON: Pelicans guard Rajon Rondo , who had 17 assists in Game 1 and was one assist shy of a triple-double in Game 2.

INJURY UPDATE: Trail Blazers center Jusuf Nurkic was limited to only 15 minutes in Game 2 because of a left leg contusion, while forward Evan Turner is questionable with a right toe contusion. Pelicans forward Nikola Mirotic twisted his right ankle late in Game 2. He has not been scratched, but his effectiveness remains to be seen.

PRESSURE IS ON: Portland guards Lillard and McCollum, who have been inconsistent in the series and will be desperate to prevent the Blazers from falling into a 0-3 hole. “We don’t want to be in this position … but it should be fun and we should accept that challenge,” Lillard said. “If not, it could be a quick series.”


Series tied 1-1. Game 3, 7 p.m., TNT.

NEED TO KNOW: The 76ers say All-Star center Joel Embiid Braxton Miller Jersey , who has missed 10 games with a broken orbital bone, is doubtful. The Heat ended Philadelphia’s franchise-record 17-game winning streak Monday, winning with physical defense. To further ratchet up tension, some 76ers were miffed by Miami’s Goran Dragic’s late layup to pad the Heat’s 113-103 victory.

KEEP AN EYE ON: The 76ers’ shooting and the Heat’s Dwyane Wade. Philadelphia shot 18 for 28 from 3-point range in Game 1, but just 7 for 36 in Game 2. Wade had 28 points in 26 minutes in Game 2 , but at age 36, there’s no guarantee he’ll consistently summon that sort of performance. “I’m not worried about encores,” Wade said. “Right now it’s just about being a leader and giving this team what they need on different nights.”

INJURY UPDATE: Embiid practiced Tuesday and Wednesday, but regaining his rhythm on offense could take longer, coach Brett Brown said. After Monday’s loss, Embiid lobbied to get back in the lineup DeMarcus Ware Jersey , writing on Instagram that he was “sick and tired of being babied.” The return of the 76ers’ leading scorer and rebounder would mark a renewal of his rivalry with Miami’s Hassan Whiteside. They’ve feuded on social media this season.

PRESSURE IS ON: Heat president Pat Riley always says a playoff series doesn’t really begin until the road team wins a game. As of Monday, this series has begun, with Miami putting the heat on the Sixers, who are in the postseason for the first time since 2012.


Golden State leads 2-0. Game 3, 9:30 p.m., TNT.

NEED TO KNOW: San Antonio is 30-8 at home this season, but coach Gregg Popovich stressed playing on the road isn’t why the Spurs dropped the first two games. San Antonio is shooting 26 percent on 3-pointers in the series after averaging 35 percent during the regular season. San Antonio was 4 for 28 on 3s in Game 2. “We know it’s just like hitting in baseball – the ability to make shots,” Popovich said. “I’m more concerned about the nuts and bolts of the game and the attitude and the fiber and the grunt and all that sort of thing.”

KEEP AN EYE ON: The Warriors’ Klay Thompson. The 6-foot-7 guard is leading Golden State in playoff Authentic Womens Martinas Rankin Jersey

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