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graciescott May 3


I'm facing a problem related to RCN Email. I just want to Setup RCN Email For Apple iPad. But i don't know how to setup and what can i do now. If anybody can have better suggestion to me so Please suggest me.

Thank You 

liltmitchell May 4

·         You have to go to the IMAP setup on your iPad. This will be in your iPad email settings.

·         When you find the option named ‘incoming mail server, you need to enter ‘imap.rcn.com’.

·         Now, comes the turn of entering the value in ‘outgoing mail server’. Here, you will enter ‘smtp.rcn.com’.

·         Now, you will have to verify your iPad. This process could take up to 30 minutes, so be patient while it happens.

·         Once the iPad gets verified, you can test email functions. There is no need to jump in the air with joy once you see it working because it will look as if everything is OK, but in reality, the mail is sent from username@imap.mail.rcn.com, which you can’t reply to.

·         You will have to go back into the settings of RCN mail and replace the incoming mail server value from ‘imap.rcn.com’ to ‘rcn.com’.

Tap ‘Save’ and you are done.                  

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graciescott May 4

Thanks friends your's knowledge help me.   

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