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panxing18 May 15
I went to USC to be a safety. But for me to contribute to the team early on Rams John Kelly Jersey , I started off as a receiver, and then I played wideout ever since.

Do you ever wonder, what if you stuck with safety?
Oh yeah, I always think about it. If I stuck with it, I think I could be Top 10 in this year's class.

What are your plans for draft weekend?
I'll be at home with my family. On the first day [Thursday night’s Round 1] it will be small: my mom, my dad, my brothers and sisters, a couple aunts and uncles. The second day it's going to be bigger, 60-100, maybe more people there. I have a big family. That’s probably going to be at the rec center, or something much bigger than home.

What's the most common question NFL evaluators have asked you?
Do you love the game of football?

What's your answer?
I say Rams Brian Allen Jersey , Of course. I wouldn't be here right now if I didn’t love the game. Then a lot of times they ask, if it wasn’t for football what would you be doing? And that’s a tough question because I haven’t really thought about it, because right now football is my No. 1 priority.

Who was the hardest DB you went against in college?
A lot of the defensive backs I went against were really good. What I need to work on is playing against cornerbacks that are my size or bigger, like 6' 3″, long and lengthy. Those are the types of cornerbacks I have problems with because I rarely see them. Like when we played Washington, I didn’t go up against Kevin King, I went against Sidney [Jones].

Interests off the field?
Like most guys, I like to play video games. But also, I like to do random things at random times, at any moment of the day. For example, when I was in Nashville last week Rams Joseph Noteboom Jersey , I was walking around downtown and then randomly went to a hockey game. I bought a ticket, just for me, and I went alone to [Game 3 of the] Predators playoff game against the Blackhawks. It was crazy, it went to overtime. They were down 2-0, and won in overtime. It was so fun. I think a few people recognized me, some came up to me because I posted it on my Snapchat, but I had a great time.

* * *

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@decatur_g: So, if all the top DEs and OLs are gone, who is the BPA for the Falcons at the 31st pick?
In a column for The MMQB last week, Andy Benoit outline the biggest need for each team and I prescribed a prospect. For the Falcons, Andy said Atlanta needs to take the best pure edge rusher, no matter what. Andy watches more NFL film than anyone I know and is plugged in with NFL coaches across the league, so I tend to defer to him. My answer: “Charles Harris of Missouri could be available here, and it seems like a natural fit. His spin move is already very advanced. I profiled Jordan Willis from Kansas State a few weeks ago, and was impressed by how his unwavering personality matched his steady on-field production. Willis is a high-effort player Quinn would love to work with.” Either Harris or Willis should be available at No. 31.

@cindayluckydawg: Are any of the top QBs from this year better than Rosen or Darnold?
That’s so tough to say. As I wrote last week, it’s important to remember it’s only April and while both Darnold and Rosen—plus Josh Allen of Wyoming—might look like sure things now, 12 months is a very long time. Darnold, a redshirt sophomore, might not even declare in 2018! And at this point last year nobody knew who Mitchell Trubisky was. I’ll say this: I think Allen, Darnold and Rosen all show traits to be ranked higher than any quarterback in the 2017 class, but I’m not ready to make that declaration right now.

@SoLockedIn: Have you done any work on next year’s class?
I have not looked at anyone extensively—come on#4# I can’t work that far ahead!—but I can tell you the names I have heard brought up most often by scouts and evaluators. It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Penn State’s Saquon Barkley, and the running back should be a Heisman favorite and projects very well to the NFL. (Scouts say he ran a 4.33 in March testing, which is phenomenal for his size.) Besides the QBs mentioned in the question and answer above, a couple wideouts look promising: Christian Kirk of Texas A&M, Calvin Ridley of Alabama and James Washington of Oklahoma State. I’ve also heard the top edge rusher is Arden Key of LSU. Just remember, it’s only April. Oh so much can and will change.

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