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Sara Smith
Sara Smith Feb 19

Why am I no longer able to access my bellsouth email? I've had it for over 16 years now. There is no link anywhere to access it. The bookmark I saved for email now takes me to How do I access my email?

Also, when I do try to enter my bellsouth email address on the page, and the password, I am told the password doesn't match. I recently had to change my password after using the same one for 16 years!!!


Karen Harison
Karen Harison Feb 19

Hi @lloyd212,


We are sorry about the issues you are having with your mail account. Try logging in at If still having issues, please send us a detailed private message by clicking here. Provide your



Account number

Account Email address

Phone number

Best Times to reach you


 BellSouth Customer ServiceBellSouth Net Email Login | BellSouth Email Setting |

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Sara Smith
Sara Smith Feb 19

Thank you, thats what we are here for! Glad I could help.

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